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Wikipediștii din Europa Centrală și de Est și-au dat întâlnire în Ucraina


Wikipediștii din Europa Centrală și de Est au convocat această adunare al treilea an consecutiv, de data aceasta la Kiev, Ucraina.
„Fotografie de la ceremonia de închidere” de Ilya, publicată sub licența CC BY-SA 4.0

Conferința Wikimedia din Europa Centrală și de Est 2014 s-a desfășurat la Kiev, Ucraina, în perioada 19-21 decembrie și a fost organizată de Wikimedia Ucraina. Aceasta a fost cea de-a treia adunare a wikipediștilor din regiune, la care au participat în jur de 70 de participanți din peste 20 de țări.

Țările din Europa Centrală și de Est sunt apropiate nu numai geografic, dar și la nivel cultural și istoric. Regiunea este caracterizată de o colaborare strânsă între membrii diferitor comunități întru cauze comune. La fel, cooperând, wikipediile de aici se pot dezvolta mai eficient.

Această conferință continuă șirul adunărilor similare din 2012 (Belgrad, Serbia) și 2013 (Modra, Slovacia).

Scopul principal a fost de a intensifica eforturile de colaborare a diferitor asociații Wikimedia, organizații tematice, grupuri de utilizatori și alte comunități din Europa Centrală și de Est.

Many different topics were discussed in the parallel sessions of the conference. Some of these included:

  • Freedom of Panorama, i.e. having right to take photos of buildings and monuments without permission. Making FoP legal is vital for Ukraine in particular, where its absence interferes with e.g. Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest.
  • Gender gap, imbalance of male and female editors in wiki projects. As women contribute less to Wikipedia, different topics particularly connected with them are still covered insufficiently: pregnancy, childhood diseases, women's vocations and hobbies etc. Meeting participants, Hanna Baradzina from Belarus and Greta Doçi from Albania among them, agreed that the stereotype about Wikipedia being harder for women is only a myth. The number of women participating in CEE Meeting itself did much to dispel this myth.
  • GLAM, article contests, making small Wikipedias grow and many other topics besides.

Of course, failures and problems received just as much coverage as successful projects. Chapters and volunteers often face lack of understanding from the side of state institutions, difficulties with lobbying amendments to the laws (eg. introducing CC licenses), or lack of volunteers ready to donate their time and efforts. Asaf Bartov from Wikimedia Foundation moderated a separate session on recruiting new volunteers and avoiding delegation trap leading to burnout.

Participants collaborated via Etherpad to document each conference track together. You can read the notes at, a number of delegates met Wikimedian peers from outside their own community for the first time, and this was the very first time some entire communities were represented at a Wikimedia working conference (e.g. Latvia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia). One of the results of the conference was the idea of Wikimedia CEE Spring 2015, which is already being prepared by Kaarel Vaidla and Wikimedia Eesti.

Organizers from Wikimedia Ukraine are particularly thankful to Wikimedia Foundation for funding the event, Wikimedia Polska for their invaluable help, Kyiv National Linguistic University for providing the venue, National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" for the guided tour and Kyivstar company for offering Internet connection on the sessions for free. We also thank all the volunteers whose work made this event possible.

The main hall at the Wikimedia Central and Eastern European Meeting 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Main hall panorama" by Taras r, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

More photos are available in the Commons category: Wikimedia CEE 2014 photos.

On behalf of the WMCEE 2014 organizing team:

Vira Motorko, Wikimedia Ukraine


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