Wikimedia Armenia/Reports/2016-07


Working with schools and universities

Workshop for “Instigate Educational Center” students, July 14, 2016

Since 2016 July Wikimedia Armenia has continued to involve more students to the Education program as well as to retain already active ones. WM AM Education program participants work on 3 wikimedia projects: Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikisource.

After the Summer WikiCamp 2016 Wikipedia Education team decided to include Wikisource in its program as well. Wikisource is an interesting and rather easy project to work on for secondary school students. Besides, we thought that it would be better to offer something new to the students in order they had a wide variety of projects to choose to edit. To carry out the project the Education team applied to the Digitization team for providing new scanned free books which could be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons and later proofread with the help of students. Thus we have 8 proofread books.

A part of the secondary school students continue editing Armenian Wiktionary. We have finished creating and improving main and most used Armenian words. About 114 188 words have been created and more than 8000 improved. And now (since December) the students are working on enriching Armenian Wiktionary with Armenian dialect words.

Օn November 23 Wikimedia Armenia staff conducted a workshop for the students of American University of Armenia who were going to create or improve articles about high power electric stations of Armenia on English Wikipedia. The lecturer divided the students into a groups of four and gave a topic to each group. They were given a task to find as many references as they can, read them carefully, and try to learn about their topic as much as possible, after which they would start editing the articles. As a result the students created and improved 5 articles.

Workshops conducted within Wikipedia Education program:

  • July 14 - workshop for the students of “Instigate Educational Center”.