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Wikimedia Armenia/Reports/2015-02

Wikipedia Education programEdit

Mkhithar Sebastaci EducomplexEdit

Mkhithar Sebastaci Educomplex was founded in 1989. It is nowadays one of the largest educational institutions of Armenia. WM AM team had a workshop for educomplex students in January 2015. This was the continuation of the workshops for the school. This time workshops organized for small student teams separately, it was decided to create a "Wiki team" which will work on articles. The roles for each student was also defined. Students deeply learned wiki editing tools. Other participants got acquainted with Wikipedia and its other sister projects.

Workshop trainers - Lilit Tarkhanyan, Davit Saroyan

Yerevan 20th high schoolEdit


Lernapat wikiclubEdit

Lernapat wikiclub participants learn how to edit.

Lernapat is a town in the Lori Province of Armenia, situated near the center of Lori Province, Vanadzor. Lernapat has 1661 population (2011).

Wikipedia Education Program aims to involve more Armenian high schools students in editing Wikimedia projects. In order to bring together Wikipedia Education Program participants, support and share wiki movement in towns of Lori region, WM AM opened another WikiClub in Lernapat in late February.

As of Arevatsag Wikiclub case, participants first learn how to edit in Wiktionary, acquiring knowledge on basic editing techniques. After the students gain enough skills, then they can move on to Wikipedia. With this project, we WM AM wants to make editing Wikimedia projects available to any Armenian student.

The wikiclub coordinator became User:Voskanyan, who is one of Armenian Wikipedia editor living in Lernapat. She is a linguist, an Armenian language and literature specialist.

As improving Wiktionary articles was over thanks to Arevatsag wikiclub editors, participants from Lernapat wikiclub started the creation of articles. The students began editing with great enthusiasm!

Between March 1 and April 1 2015, has contributed a remarkable amount of content to Armenian Wiktionary through this WikiClub! 92 students created 2013 articles, made 2434 edits, and added 1,465,899 bytes of content to Armenian Wiktionary through this Education program. Statistics for March are shown here. Statistics for the wikiclub so far are shown here