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Winter Wikicamp 2015Edit

Wikicamp closing ceremony group photo

The winter camp Wikimedia Armenia hosted from January 7 to 12, 2015. Student editors aged 14-20 years old edited articles on Wikipedia, Wiktionary and other sister projects. Participants, during this camp, helped the Armenian Wikipedia jump from the 42 place to the 41 one between all Wikipedia editions around the world. The victorious 143 823th article was written by Tatevik Tovmasyan during the camp. The previous winner of the Wikicup who was from the previous summer Wikicamp - Edmon Khachatryan, handed the cup to Tatevik.

Wiki camps are events organized in Armenia were teenagers dedicate their time to editing Wikipedia with other scientific, sport, art and fun activities. Wiki camps were first organized in Armenia in Summer 2014 and more camps are being prepared for 2015.

Winter Wikicamp 2015
Project hywiki hywictionary
Created pages 997.0 0
Edits 2009.0 837.0
Bytes Net sum 3383626.0 294705.0
Improved 14 576
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Wikipedia DayEdit

On January 17 Armenian Wikicommunity gathered together to celebrate Wikipedia day. The event was organized in AYB high school of Yerevan. About 100 people joined to celebrate Wikiday among which there were editors, Wikipedia Education program students and just people who wanted to share our happiness.


Saturday workshops
Workshop in WM AM office, 31.01.2015

Every Saturday Wikimedia Armenia organizes open workshops in WM AM office. Anyone interested in wiki projects, Wikipedia, wiki editing and need assistance as well as wiki editors who want to edit in pleasant atmosphere can participate in these workshops. About 13 people participate in each workshop. Among them there are also active wiki editors of hywiki.

Wikipedia Education programEdit

Workshop for 190 high school
Yerevan 190 high school

Education program launched in October, 2013 is in progress. On January 23 a workshop was organized in Wikimedia Armenia for 190 high school after Galust Gyulbenkyan of Yerevan students. The participants learned about Wikipedia, how it works, learned wiki editing tools, etc.

Workshop trainers - Lilit Tarkhanyan, Dato Abuladze

Mkhitar Sebastatsi EduComplex

On 27th January Wikimedia Armenia conducted a workshop for lyceum students. They learned wiki editing tools, got acquainted with Wikipedia and its other sister projects. The goal of the wikimedians was to include the lyceum students in the Wikipedia Education Program leaded by Wikimedia Armenia.

Workshop trainers - Lilit Tarkhanyan.

AYB high school

Wikimedia Armenia previously having an appoitment with the head of AYB high school Aram Pakhchanyan organized a workshop for the school teachers to involve them in the Wikipedia Education Program. The participants got acquainted with the program, how it works, which success and results it has worldwide as well as they were introduced to wikiediting tools and tried to create their first articles in Armenian Wikipedia.

Workshop trainers - Lilit Tarkhanyan, Dato Abuladze


In the following summary the contribution of Wikipedia Education program participant high schools is presented. Contributed bytes, number of edits, created articles, articles of the day is shown by January, 2015.

School/City/Club Bytes + Edits Articles
  Yeghvard Wikiclub 1042829 548 234
  AYB 427146 201 101
  Aparan Wikiclub 394379 67 67
Ashtarak Wikiclub 216525 103 43
N11 school 120667 53 3
Physmath 103501 88 24
N190 school 100580 94 75
Yerevan Wikiclub 47339 80 26
Eurika 45227 10 51
M. Sebastatsi Educomplex 17859 19 2
Photon 17123 42 3
Lusakert 7961 8 2
Total 2541136 1313 631

Wiki Loves ScienceEdit

WLS weekend group photo

Wikimedia Armenia announced "Wiki loves Science" new long-term project-marathon which is aimed at enriching the Armenian Wikipedia with popular science content. "Wiki Loves Science" comprises dozens of projects, including Wiki Loves Physics, Mathematics, Literature, Biology, Geology, Medicine, etc.

In order to teach Wikipedia editing basics more deeply Wikimedia Armenia organized an editing weekend within Wiki loves science project for young scientists and students. All participants were editors who during previous workshops showed interest to wiki editing and wanted to learn more about wiki movement, editing tools, article creation etc. Another WLS Weekend took place on January 30 - February 1 in Aghveran. Along with mastering wiki editing tools participants were creating articles in their field of study. X participants and 4 organization team members took part in the Weekend.

WLS project is very important for development of Armenian Wikipedia. During the project many professionals were involved in the editing of Wikipedia and enriched wiki with high quality articles. Part of these participants became active editors.


Arevatsag wikiclubEdit

Wikipedia sunrise in Arevatsag WikiClub

Many workshops are organized through the Wikipedia Education Program in Armenian high schools to involve more students in editing Wikimedia projects. During the program, Wikimedia Armenia noticed that not all of the students easily learn Wikipedia editing techniques or are able to write an article that meets the project's rules (encyclopedic style, etc.). As their wish to edit Wikipedia and its sister projects is enormous, we decided to involve these students in Wiktionary instead because it's easier to edit it for a newbie. After the students gain enough skills, then they can move on to Wikipedia. With this project, we were able to make editing Wikimedia projects available to any Armenian student.

The Wikisun rose in the village of Arevatsag, which is translated as "sunrise". Why Arevatsag village? One of Armenian Wikipedia editors lives there who is an Armenian language and literature teacher in the village school. With WM AM support, a WikiClub was opened in January in Arevatsag where the coordinator gathered her students to teach them how to edit Wiktionary. We had only about 3,000 Armenian words in Wiktionary and we decided to improve them first and then create new ones. The students began editing with great enthusiasm!

The Sunrise WikiClub (in Armenian: Արևածագի վիքիակումբ) in under 1 month, between January 12 and February 5 2015, has contributed a remarkable amount of content to Armenian Wiktionary through this WikiClub! 36 students improved 256 articles, made 745 edits, and added 308 038 bytes of content to Armenian Wiktionary through this Education program. Statistics for the project so far are shown here.

View photos from the Arevatsag WikiClub on Wikimedia Commons here.