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Report 2020Edit

  • See French Report at [1]
  • See Arabic Report at [2]

Levant-Algeria Cultural Exchange Program 01/11/2019Edit

Levant-Algeria Cultural

Levant-Algeria Cultural Exchange Program is a content exchange program between Wikimedians of Levant and Wikimedia Algeria. It is a part of the content exchange program between Arabic/English speakers and Arabic/French speakers. The idea of this exchange program came from a collaborative discussion in WikiArabia 2019. In this program, wikipedians from both communities will exchange the most important articles from their respective languages and translate them in their own as a token of friendship. This will contribute in reducing the cultural as well as content gap and strengthen the bond between Levantine and Algerian communitirs. Please note that Wikimedians of Levant will translate from English to Arabic and Algerian Wikimedians will translate from Arabic/English to French to express Arabic culture in French language.

Meeting Presentation Univ Oran 2 05/11/2019Edit

Title: Wikipedia Encyclopedia and its Strategic Directions to 2030

The Salon de la Stratégie is a scheduled meeting held at the University of Oran 2 on November 4, 2019.

Agenda :

  • A quick definition of the encyclopedia and a strategic vision of Horizons 2030
  • A discussion on how university students can contribute to the development of Wikipedia.
  • Since the encyclopedia is not recognized, the encyclopedia is alienated
  • Students can add resources to the encyclopedia.
  • A cultural factor in the academic community - anyone who has the information does not agree to share it.
  • Increase communication with the university community
  • Wikipedia of 2006 grew strongly

The aim is for Wikipedia contributors to meet with the academic community to learn more about the encyclopedia and discuss ways of cooperating to develop digital literacy through Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

Links : Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Recommendations/Harmonization Sprint/Report

WikiIndaba Conference 2019Edit

Participation of Fayçal Rezkallah from WikiDz He took a series of impressive photos under the title Face from V3; it is the third part of a project called Face from Wikimedians.

The first took place in Tunis: indaba 2018

The second in Berlin: WinkiCon Berlin 2018

Wikipedia presentation at the University of Oran, Labo SiGMAEdit

The goal is for contributors who contribute to Wikipedia meet with the academic community to learn more about the encyclopedia and discuss ways of cooperating to develop digital literacy through Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

  • Saturday 21/12/2019

Wikipedia Workshop in Arabic, December 21, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Oran Wikipedia Workshop in Arabic, February 8, 2019, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Oran

Organizer: Mohamemd bachounda in collaboration with the SIGMA Laboratory of the University of Oran
Program: General introduction to Wikipedia, explanation of the project, overview of: founding principles and rules; editing tools; registration and demonstration of contribution (1 hr Wikipedia Strategy 2030 + open contribution session)
Download the workshop file on the Arabic Wikipedia

Présentation Wikipedia à l'Université d'Oran, Labo SiGMA V2Edit

  • Saturday 01/02/2020

Submission pour wikiarabia algiers 02 fev 2020Edit

During close ceremony of WikiArabia Marrakech, Wikiarabia Algéria was announced by Bachounda and Reda an increased preparation and a request for Grant was made. Grants:Conference/Algeria Wikimedians User Group/WikiArabia 2021 Conference, unfortunately the pandemic of covid changed everything. There is thought to organize this online.

Wikimedia Sudan Community User Group Feb 2020Edit

Our Wikidz group helped Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan in many of its activities before its recognition, especially during the organization of the photo contests wiki loves Africa and monuments.

New Collaboration Between Arab CommunityEdit

Participation of wikiDZ in Arabic_Wikimedians to initiate a collaboration in the area for the promotion of free knowledge.


Collaboration with the Human Sciences Laboratory of the University of OranEdit

Launch of a thesis of majister LMD wikipedia - a first in Algeria

Wikimedia Branding ProjectEdit

Algeria has participated in the Branding project since February 2020 following the [[[Community open letter on renaming|lettre Open Letter]] ] of the community the project was paused by a Resolution by Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees until March 2021

Salon Strategy N° 2 on February 15, 2020 at MostaganemEdit

To bring together all the members of WikiDZ

See grant report

Place and Date: February 15, 2020 at Mostaganem, Algeria

WikiDZ Wikimedia User Group of Algeria, organized a meeting in Mostaganem, Algeria, during the first half of February 2020, on the recommendations of the Wikimedia CoreTeam, which has developed a roadmap for the completion of the WMF Strategy 2030,

Present at the meeting were 10 members of Wikimedia Algeria,

The debate focused on three of the nine points raised for lack of time, the consultation lasted the first half of the day of February 15 in premises offered free of charge by the Department of Youth and Sports of Mostaganem that we thank. It ended at lunch time. The participants from neighboring towns near and far benefited from a guided tour offered in the town of mostaganem.

More photos at commons:Category:Consultation de la Stratégie Wikimédia 2030 a Mostaganem, Algérie

Les journées de la photo at Oran Feb 29, 2020Edit

A Wikipedia presentation during photo days

Wiki Loves AfricaEdit

Page on commons :

We (bachounda) presented 2 webinars for Wiki Loves Africa 2020

  1. Arabic webinars 06 Avril 2020
  2. Frech webinar 31 mars 2020

More than 220 photos uploaded during the contest see the link

Mois de la contribution francophone 2020 & WikiGap 07 mars 2020 (mix)Edit

A mix WikiGap and Month of Contribution 2020 in Mostaganem a workshop with African students

Mois de la contribution francophone

To mark the month of the French-speaking contribution 2020 and the International Women's Day, we invited men and women to translate articles on Algerian female personalities. The people attending the event are for the most part not familiar with the wikipedia tools. Our goal is that each pair participates in the translation of an article into French or from French to English or Arabic.


Each year, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Wikimedia Sweden organize several Wikipedia edit-a-thons focusing on gender inequality on March 8 around the world, in partnership with Swedish embassies and local Wikimedia affiliates and volunteers.

links : See the link at :

  1. Dashboard
  2. WikiGap/2020/Events
  3. lien dans wikipedia fr sur le Mois de la contribution 2020

Universal Code of Conduct March 2020Edit

The Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) is one of the major initiatives on regulation that emerged from the conversations and strategic process of the Wikimedia 2030 community.

Wikimedians from around the world made 10 recommendations to provide direction for the movement towards its 2030 vision. One of these recommendations, "Ensuring Safety and Inclusion," included the creation of a code of conduct, UCoC.

It aims to provide a universal basis for acceptable behaviour for the entire movement, with no tolerance for harassment.

The UCoC is developed in consultation with the Wikimedia community regarding the context, existing local policies, and enforcement and conflict resolution structures.

WikiDZd was participapted on 2 events :

  1. Universal Code of Conduct/Discussions/Arabic Community / Bachounda
  2. Talk:Universal Code of Conduct/Discussions/Arabic Community / Arab commitee

Communication of the Arab Strategy May 21, 2020Edit

A communication on the strategy will be organized in Arabic, to explain the process and clarify the ten final recommendations. The meeting will be hosted by his colleague Abbad Diranieh, on Thursday, May 21 at 8:30 am GMT (20:30 GMT). The invitation is open to all to participate, this is the link for the meeting.

Wikimedia conference in BerlinEdit

Conference cancelled due to the pandemic

Wikimania BangkokEdit

Conference cancelled due to the pandemic

Arab Wikipedia Day 21 JulyEdit

All the Algerian editors / for their wonderful effort during the 16th day of Wikipedia / especially to Nehaoua Adel with 8 new articles and 72 revisions in one day

Wiki Loves Earth Algeria 2020Edit

The contest began on June 1 and will end on June 30, 2020. We strongly encourage people to stay home and download existing images from their home hard drive. #StayAtHome link to home page

More than 1700 photos uploaded during the contest :

Winners 2020

The first 10 photos participate in the international tour:

Design GroupEdit

In July and August 2020, a diversified design group of approximately 20 volunteers held several working sessions and developed a transition events plan. The WMF support team used this plan as a basis to facilitate future transition events. More information about the design group, as well as detailed updates on their past work (kept in this space for documentation and transparency purposes), is provided below.[3]

Wiki Loves Monuments 2020Edit

The Wiki Loves Monuments Algeria 2020 contest is a local photo contest. During the whole month of October, participants can upload their photos of monuments and historical sites in Algeria. Photos can be taken at any time but must be uploaded before October 31, 23:59 UTC to be eligible for the contest.

See Algerian : landing page

More than 561 photos uploaded during the contest :

Prioritization events AlgeriaEdit

Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Transition/Prioritization events

WikiDZ / Algeria. 17 Oct Wikiarabia , 31 Oct Wikifranca , U.G. meeting. (30 Oct WikiDZ ) The Algerian UG proposed to WikiDZ members to join one of the two discussions - Wikiarabia or Wikifranca, and in addition, 30 minutes on the agenda for implementation at the periodic meeting of WikiDZ.


On October 31, 2020, the Wikifranca community met to talk about strategic prioritization it was a highly successful meeting more than 60% of the participants rated the meeting with +3/5. ...No connectivity problems, the sound was good and everyone enjoyed one or the other part of the meeting. That said, we are not going to stop here, continuity is required, during the next months and days there will be a lot of events to come :

Come and see the world map with the table of priorities thanks to your participation our opinions and choices and priorities count - and taken into account to see:

A meta page created, it is a summary list of initiatives, which is intended to be easy to read and translate. You can refer to the full table for the original list or for more details. Once you have chosen a recommendation, review its changes and actions, and see what should be prioritized to best meet the needs of your group.

Charte WikiDzEdit

It very important to be announced that henceforth the Algerian group to its charter: Different meeting on writing discussions correction of the charter of the WikiDZ group