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"as messengers preaching open knowledge across Algeria and the world." read here our activities during the year 2016 (nov 2015 to nov 2016); That has necessity great efforts of all the small group of users.

Participation on ConferencesEdit

Our members attended four conferences organized by WMF; like last year this participation has given for us a great experiences and more than conexion and Visibility

Wikiarabia 2016 24 to 26 march 2016

One member from wikidz have participated on the conference ;he participate to open discutions and workshops. see report Wikimedia Algeria/Gestion/Events & Projects/Rapport Bachounda Wikiarabia Conference 2016

Wikimedia conférence 2016 15 mai 2016

Another member of wikiDZ headed towards the Berlin conference wikimedia; This participation allowed us to bring more experience to evolve .the Group

Wikimania conférence 2016 21 july 2016

We have stand on The Community Village the zone for wikimedia affiliates this had for our usergroup an opportunity for show our work, talk, socialize, exchange ideas and distribute swag.

WikiConfrence Franconphone the first French conference 2016


WikiDz have lunched 04 contests to collect algerian open creative common photo; without presenting a complete statistics; We can affirm that have a benefic impact to have a fresh media for algerian content

Wiki Loves Earth Algeria 2016Edit

From 1 may to 30 may 2016

Images used in the wikis Uploaders Uploaders registered after competition start
820 50 (6%) 124 109 (87%)

in 2016 the contest raised near 830 photos of algerian nature

see link of landing page

Wiki Loves Monuments Algeria 2016Edit

From 1 September to 30 September 2016

148 photos Uploaded at this Fourth participation ; in global between 2013 and 2016 the wiki loves monuments contest; give to wikipedia and other wikimedia projects 1046+718+341 = 2105 photos actually used in differents articles pages;

Images used in the wikis Uploaders Uploaders registered after competition start
148 44 (30%) 26 17 (65%)

Wiki Loves Africa 2016Edit

From 1 October to 30 November 2016

Images used in the wikis Uploaders Uploaders registered after competition start
205 18 (8%) 41 26 (63%)

more than 400 photo uploaded for the contest just 282 Photo restaint to the contest

for global statistics of contests in Algebria See link

Wiki Loves WahranEdit

between 15 december to 31 december 2015 Collecte de photo autour du thème Oran avec Isoclub le 13 12 2015

between 15 december to 31 december 2015 Photo collection around the theme of the city of Oran in Algeria with a local association Isoclub on 13 12 2015. the contest did not collect photos on commons but did discover our activities with the photograophes of the club


With the rest of the funds of Wiki Loves Africa 2015 and with our personal funds, we organized the 15th anniversary of wikipedia we created an event logo to be the logo of our user group because our community values it immensely

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia 16 january 2016Edit

more details with seeing this link Wikipedia 15/Events/Algeria

Closing Ceremony Wiki loves Africa 12 March 2016Edit

Orgenised by user:bachounda

- It took place at the headquarters of the Association NOMADE With prize & diplomas distribution,

see more at

Different Distribution of "Wiki Loves" ContestsEdit

Participation Wikimania 21 to 28 June 2016Edit

Esino Lario, Province of Lecco, Lombardy Region, Italy, on June 21st–28th, 2016.

Wikiconvention francophone 19 to 21 August 2016Edit

see the compleet Bilan

Online activityEdit

this year we continue our activity on Social media the impact is positive when we see the continious like and folowers

since our recognition by wikimedia foundation. Folow our Activity Event On Facebookpage

On internetEdit

The year 2015 was for the social media activity for WikiDZ we knew all the media in vogue. in 2016, we recentralised our activity on the most popular media in Algeria we have stopped our activity on google + and Blogger and on the website which requires a continuous investment that we can not pay permanently.

We continue with pages and groups of facebook and twitter with a publication system the first time on facebook and which is reported on twitter .

We manage our events on the page wikimedia Algeria on facebook.

On Facebook we manage and admin 3 pages and 4 groups; with specefic activity to each page ou group by name
On Twitter

wikimedia Dz on twitter near one twitt by day


We participate to campaign launch registration for Algerians 14 12 2015

On PressEdit

Press articles dedicated to Wikimedia Activity

WorkShops and PrésentationsEdit

BACHOUNDA Leader of Wikimedia DZ Was organized many different Workshops and presentations en collaboration with CPMDH Oran

Wikipedia Training ,October 31
Improvement Wikipedia ,November 07st
How to Upload Photos On wikipedia ,November 21st
  • if you want to see the remaining pictures search this Category: Wiki Loves Africa 2015 Algeria Oran Campaign

Visit to Chlef University 05/01/16Edit

Our Leader Mohammed Bachounda ( talk) Visited chlef university as part of the education program

Atelier à l'Université de Tlemcen 13/02/2016Edit

by - Mohammed Bachounda ( talk)

a student science club

Le mois international de la contribution mars 2016Edit

The international month of the contribution is a series of workshops organized in March through the Francophonie and which aims to improve Wikimedia projects in French. During the month of March, contributors meet in various places and invite the local population to learn about the edition of Wikipedia. Workshops can take many forms, take place in various places and address themes chosen by the organizer; be it a citizen training workshop, a photographic walk to illustrate regional articles, transcribe texts from Wikisource, etc.

See the page fr:le mois international de la contribution

MCF01 du 05 mars 2016 à OranEdit

Contribution Sprint around a first tea. 'Oran' , Algeria organized byuser:bachounda

MCF02 du 12 mars 2016 à OranEdit

Contribution organized byuser:bachounda

MCF Batna Samedi 15 mars 2016 à BatnaEdit

organized by Zakaria Mimouni

MCF03 mardi 22 mars 2016 à OranEdit

due the success of the last two workshops, we were asked to do two more Workshops for students at the University of Senia d'Oran, organized by user:bachounda

MCF04 mardi 19 avril 2016 à OranEdit

due the success of the last two workshops, we were asked to do two more Workshops for students at the University of Senia d'Oran, organized by user:bachounda

Wworkshops Wikipedia At Mostaganem CityEdit

With IGPRO 18 septembre 2016.

Presentation Wipkipedia au meridien Oran 06 to 06 September 2016Edit

Numidia Expo was organised the EDRAAK 2016 we had A Presentation on Wikimedia and its projects at a conference on education at the Meridian Hotel in Oran

Wikipedia Education programm in AlgeriaEdit

with chlef university we where happy to start the segond program of education based on wikipedia

held at department of french institute on language chlef university

The program was started with effort of Mekkia Bennama, french language professor ,at chlef university

126 university students in the third year spread over five rows are studying the program

The program was started on october 1 2015 until end June 2016

The program was given by french language

Collaboration With Other AffiliatesEdit

  • managing group on facebook for coordination; between arabs users groups especially for differents contests like wiki loves.

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