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Welcome to the development page. The page which contains technical requirements, existing technical assistance and many more. If you find anything that may arouse your interest, please do not hesitate to put it up in the Wikihistoric/ Discussion.

Symbol comment vote.svg Wikihistoric lacks of technical support, If you are willing to support, please personally message Arepticous


recovery of a few existing timeline extensions was possible, although as tested and given the outcome, the suitability of the code might not match with the concept of the proposal. Building a new timeline can be done as well, but it has to be built in a very professional and functional way. The timeline which is needed at present can be described as an extended line (something similar to the timeline appearing here [1]). Or maybe even the unmaintained extension given below with a few adjusts.

One existing timeline extension found in mediaWiki, also known as the EasyTimeline. The build up is perfect, but the problem is that this timeline is dropped down, and the perfect timeline for the project would be an extended one as mentioned before.

# All measures are in pixels

ImageSize  = width:160 height:550
PlotArea   = left:50 right:0 bottom:10 top:10
AlignBars  = justify

DateFormat = yyyy
Period     = from:1917 till:1991
TimeAxis   = orientation:vertical
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:5 start:1920

# there is no automatic collision detection,
# so shift texts up or down manually to avoid overlap

Define $dx = 25 # shift text to right side of bar

  bar:Leaders color:red width:25 mark:(line,white) align:left fontsize:S

  from:start till:1924 shift:($dx,15)   text:Vladimir~Ilyich~[[Special:MyLanguage/Lenin|Lenin]]
  from:1924  till:1953 shift:($dx,5)    text:[[Special:MyLanguage/Stalin|Josef~Stalin]]
  from:1953  till:1964 shift:($dx,5)    text:Nikita~[[Special:MyLanguage/Khrushchev|Khrushchev]]
  from:1964  till:1982 shift:($dx,5)    text:Leonid~[[Special:MyLanguage/Brezhnev|Brezhnev]]
  from:1982  till:1984 shift:($dx,-12)  text:Yuri~[[Special:MyLanguage/Andropov|Andropov]]
  from:1984  till:1985 shift:($dx,4)    text:Konstantin~[[Special:MyLanguage/Chernenko|Chernenko]] fontsize:XS
  from:1985  till:end  shift:($dx,10)   text:Mikhail~[[Special:MyLanguage/Gorbachev|Gorbachev]]

unmaintained timeline extension found in mediawiki. The format creates the idea of a Wikihistoric timeline, but this extension is used as a timetable or notification panel to remind a person about the days plan. Also known as the Chap timeline.

 |?Start date
 |?End date
 |startproperty=Start date
 |endproperty=End date

A licensed timeline extension under the PHP category 7+ which is available for download on github. The code is still in beta mode, functionality and performance of this extension is unconfirmed. However, it creates a good impression of the desired timeline appearance for Wikihistoric [2] .

<itimeline height="512px" min="2014-06-01" max="2014-08-30">
<!-- These two lines define events that happen at a particular time -->
2014-07-25T13:00:00Z|Design|[[Target 1|Target 1]]
2014-07-26T10:00:00Z|Design|[[Target 2|Target 2]]
<!-- These three are ranges, defined using IS8601 intervals with start and end dates and times -->
2014-07-25T08:00:00Z/2014-07-26T15:00:00Z|Implement|[[Phase 1]]
2014-07-26T12:00:00Z/2014-07-27T15:00:00Z|Implement|[[Phase 2]]
2014-07-25T08:00:00Z/2014-08-00:00:00+02:00|Implement|Project 1
<!-- Available in v1.3: support for grouping. These three lines define events grouped in the 'last phase' group -->
2014-07-25T13:00:00Z|[[File:Nuvola apps important.svg|16px]] Coalface|[[Target 1/Deploy]]
2014-07-25T13:10:00Z|[[File:Nuvola apps important.svg|16px]] Coalface|[[Target 1/Panic]]
2014-07-25T13:15:00Z|[[File:Nuvola apps important.svg|16px]] Coalface|[[Target 1/Rollback]]


Retrieval of a perfect map that fits in was not possible, but a few maps that might work were secured from wikiprojects such as Wikivoyage. You can see the template:Mapbanner here [3].The Wikivoyage map is constructed in a clickable format with links to the pages of the relevant countries. With a few adjustments (With permission from Wikivoyage) and changes in exterior appearances, we may be able to create a new branded map to function as the base of Wikihistoric. We just need a few coders who are willing to put up a challenge.

Map of wikivoyage

User groupsEdit

A few exceptional permissions must be added in order to justify the edits on this project.

  • Administrator- The label as an administrator will be given to a user after their credibility is at about 100 percent, in Wikihistoric, The admin would be the only one who could change the code of the time line and as usual, edit the main page. They would also be in charge of blocking, renaming and so on.
  • The administrator would be the only one whose rights have additional data and all the other user group rights would remain the same under the basic Wikimedia Protocol.

Blocks and bansEdit

  • Same as the user groups, the blocks and bans will affect the users in the same way, although, the indefinite block criteria is under reconsideration. The indefinite blocks such as CIR would not be applied unless the user's edits are so irritating and unbearable. Mistakes are made and learned from, and it is important that we do not waste editors on such situations. Creating a development project such as Wikipedia:Adventure would help to nurture such young editors.
  • Messing up 10 (major disruptive edits) times would be the given limit for any editor, after that they would be blocked indefinitely or at a reasonable sentence judging by the image of his/her edits. Sock puppetry is illegal, whilst creating a new account for the betterment of the Wiki in a faithful way is allowed (Not after being blocked in your earlier account). Vandalism is something very common in a wiki, the vandals are like brain tumors, vandalism is not accepted in any wiki, and persistent comebacks as spam users and ducks will have it's solid consequences.
  • Blocking can only be done by an admin or a WikiSysop, and it must be done at uncontrollable circumstances only,biting new users or blocking them at the site of inaccuracy will be turned against yourself.


While all the information on the website is free, deriving from other websites and copy-pasting them is illegal as on any wiki. The wiki must be written in the writers own words. It is OK to read from other websites and learn details for an article, but confirmation of reliability is a must. Read the following link for more information regarding the basic copyright rule [4].


  • A few new templates are needed and a few existing ones such as infoboxes must be uploaded. Templates can be designed as well, a few can be extracted from other wikiprojects (example given below). Some links are given in which contains templates need for re installation- [5] [6][7][8]
Templates needed to personalize the wiki can be created by users themselves (templates like Blockquotes used in userpages and userboxes), so can templates be created for convenience of a wikimedian's editing life (Welcome template and etc...) Unnecessary templates or bugging templates will be immediately deleted. Major Templates such as mapbanners and timelines can be customized by admins only, but with further permission, autoconfirmed users and the other user groups would obtain privileges to edit templates (only under guided supervision or expertise).

Template WH:A1

This is a template needed for Wikihistoric extracted from Wikivoyage. It is important for data representation and fact display. It would help if such templates were to be copied from another wiki to Wikihistory. The elementary concept of transferring a template from a certain wiki to another one would be the Copy-Paste method (which is supposedly not against the vision of the wikimedia movement .)


  • Articles will be divided into categories such as Events, Places and so on. They would need a massive amount of templates such as the WH:Infobox template. The rough idea is given in the Wikihistoric/ Example article. Pictures can be obtained from commons and hopefully, templates can be derived from the project Wikitemplates. Each article will be given a timeline as aforementioned in Wikihistoric/Introduction#Descriptive Concept and Wikihistoric/ Development#Timeline, Wiki historic plans to supply detailed information in a much fundamental way, this requires tons of well designed templates. Each article will have it's categories, sub pages and etc... construction of such pages is up to the volunteering users themselves.

Article DeletionEdit

  • The rudimentary rules will apply for this as well, disambiguate advertising, imbalance of neutrality and so on. Draft articles will not be deleted unless it hasn't been edited in quite a time or if it has no purpose of place in the wiki (or vandalism). Deletion upon authors request, votes for deletion, such criteria can be followed and implemented as well.