• Wikihistoric is the proposed project for the wikimedia foundation. It's sole purpose it to flourish the historical knowledge of the Society. The website would be a free, publicly used and edited website, hosted by the Wikimedia Foundations.



  • Wikihistoric has a well guided vision to refresh the historical knowledge of the society by the provision of major data-bases. Nowadays, finding reliable sources that provide brief implementation of historical details is hard enough. Wherever we visit, the website tends to add misled information (sometimes supporting religions, ethnic groups and starting small debates.). Wikihistoric tends to maintain the NPOV and will always update information that is truthful and realistic to create a massively helpful and dedicated community from within to support the worlds archaeological resources.

Descriptive conceptEdit

  • If the project is approved by the foundation, this would be the first independent Wikiproject since the installment of WikiData in 2013. It would be run by Wikiusers and internet users themselves, and will provide free historical information for everyone. The website will be similarly constructed to the other Wikiprojects with the use of MediaWiki installments (PHP). The main page would consist of a world map, akin to the one displayed in Wikivoyage [1]. Once clicked on a country/continent (taking a continent as an example), it would redirect to an article containing all the information about itself. In that continent related article would be links to the countries in that continent. By clicking on any country's link, you would be sent to a page with an infinite/finite timeline where you can pick a situation from the past and get to know it by reading the data given about it. The concept creates an image quite close to the concept of Wikivoyage, but if it is needed to be made less complex, you can propose a way on the page discussion.

Why a seperate projectEdit

The most brief answer would have to be that writing History is not an easy job, and clearly, it takes a lot of work, time and space. Right now, projects such as Wikipedia do not provide sufficient space for historical details to evolve. Creation of an easily accessible Wiki website would help in many ways. It would help to pledge more brief and significant details regarding whatever subject.

How you can helpEdit

Before creation
  • All you have to do no is just spread the word and help us out with the coding and other basic tasks. If you are willing to, you can serve as one of the directors of the project and help to add brief and helpful ideas to this proposal, and hopefully, it would be good enough for the Wikimedia foundation to host. Stay in touch with the project and help it grow, after all, all wikimedia projects are made by people like you!

After creation
  • WikiHistoric plans to create sufficient data about the history of the Earth. If you have any knowledge about history, coding or any other field which you think would help to build this website, please feel free to add your name Here.To contribute, you don't need to be an expert or anything, you can always help as a Wikignome (Users that lay behind the scene work for WikiProjects). Wikihistoric plans to be a collaborative project, which means it would be constructed by the public themselves. If you see a way you can contribute, as afore mentioned, you can always step up and show us your support. policies and guidelines always apply as usual and it is a must to be familiar with them.

How is this different from other wiki-projectsEdit

There are a few-many projects existing in the Wikimedia world. And every new idea to support the foundation needs to be authentic. As for a proposing reason, Wikihistoric is something that has a very different view.

  • Wikipedia- Wikipedia is so far the most successful wiki project. The containment of information is subsequently reliable. However, Wikipedia tends to keep their articles brief. Detailing is not shown, Wikihistoric would work on a timeline, it would contain full facts and would be written in a narrators perspective (whilst balancing the NPOV criteria). An article would have completely divergent methods of data suppository. The formation, information would be non-identical to the purgative composition of a wikipedia article. see Wikihistoric/ Example article to see the brief imposition of a Wikihistoric article.
  • Wikivoyage- Wikivoyage is the free worldwide travel guide, originating from Wiki travel. Except for the History (The history section in Wikivoyage only provides a short description about country's history, such as its span, and basics.) section in their articles, it provides no other information related to history and the idea of this project.
As researched, no other sources provide similar Wikiprojects


  • If approved and published onto the internet, Wikihistoric would have a good identification. Creation of a new project such as Wikientertain would earn less attention and visits as there are other websites that have information regarding the entertainment field. Many would urge to show interest in a website which is newly introduced to the web.