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<languages> This is a page to share activities from all over the world, which are designed to improve coverage and participation of women and girls.

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Why the Gender Gaps are important / contextEdit

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Existing / recent projectsEdit

en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red

What: a WikiProject whose objective is to turn "redlinks" into blue ones within the project scope. The project scope includes women's biographies (real women, fictional women), women's works (broadly construed, such as their paintings, books, schools, conferences), and women's issues (such as health, activism, and so on). In November 2014, just over 15% of the English Wikipedia's biographies were about women. Since then, we have brought the figure up to 16.78%, as of 1 January 2017.
When: since 2015, active
Primary language: English

en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Women in Green

What: an attempt to bring core articles on women up to minimum Wikipedia:Good article status. At present this is just a loose project page dedicated to GA listings rather than an active sub project. We currently have just 529 articles out of 25,437 Good Articles on the site, roughly 2%. Our first target is to have 1000 Good Articles about women on English Wikipedia.
When: launched 2015. Active

Wiki Loves Women

What: Wiki Loves Women focuses on bridging two significant gaps on Wikimedia projects – women and Africa – both in terms of content about these subjects and in terms of participation by people from these groups. The project is designed to leverage Wikipedia’s role as a global repository for the dissemination of information to achieve accessible and fair online representation of notable women in countries in Africa. In collaboration with the Goethe Instituts in the chosen focus countries, it will encourage the contribution of existing researched and verified information to Wikipedia with the intent of redressing the systemic bias online about women. The donated data and content will specifically focus on women’s contribution to the political, economic, scientific, cultural and heritage landscape, as well as the current socio-political status of women, in each country. The project will achieve its aims by working with existing gender equality-focused civil society organisations to release their intelligence onto Wikipedia and by working with established Women’s groups and existing Wikipedia Volunteer groups to disseminate this information among the Wikimedia projects. In addition, the project will encourage the activation and support of new and existing editors (both female and gender-sensitised male Wikipedians) in the focus countries.
When: launched in 2015 (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast) and renewed in 2018 (Tanzania and Uganda)
Primary languages: French and English
Status: active

Wikipedia 15/Events/Wiki Loves Women Writing Contest

What : Writing Contest: 15 days to create (at least) 15 biographies on notable African women!
When:Was run in 2015
Primary languages: French and English


What: WikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design is an international education and advocacy program working to increase the number of Wikipedia articles on women in architecture and the built environment. The project includes running writing and editing workshops in Melbourne, New York and Berlin and providing architecture-specific guides that build on existing resources. WikiD is a collaboration between groups in Australia, Germany and the United States – Parlour, n-ails and Architexx. There is also a German project page. WikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design was awarded funds as part of the inspire campaign 2015.
When: launched in 2015


What:the project aims at working towards filling the gender gap, both on editorial and content level.It was developped out of the local initiative in Switzerland of

Biographies des femmes en Suisse in Genève,

When: since july 2016, active

Atelier Femmes et Féminisme à Nantes,


de:Wikipedia:WikiProjekt Frauen




sq:Wikipedia:WikiProjekti Gratë

User Groups and informal listsEdit

m:WikiWomen's User Group

What: user group for women and allies in the Wikimedia movement.


What: recognised Wikimedia user group for women and allies in the wiki movement. Working language is Spanish.

Other lists


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List of editors that newcomers can contact for assistance with content creationEdit

The idea is that the assistance can be related to technical issues, applying and evaluating references, interpretation of guidelines, mediating in disagreements with experienced users, etc.

Former projects or past events or older linksEdit

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