Wiki Society of the Philippines

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„Für die Benutzergruppe mit Sitz in der philippinischen Region Bicol siehe PhilWiki Community.“

Wiki Society of the Philippines
Wiki Society of the Philippines
Rechtlicher StatusNon-profit org
Gründungsdatum12. April 2010 [1]
Datum der Anerkennung17. März 2010 [2]
Datum der Aufhebung der Anerkennung1. März 2017 [3]
Amtliche Sprache(n)Filipino-Englisch
Ehemalige NameWikimedia Philippines

Wiki Society of the Philippines (auf deutsch Wiki-Gesellschaft der Philippinen, WikiSocPH), früher Wikimedia Philippines (auf deutsch Wikimedia Philippinen, WMPH), ist eine Vereinigung von Wikimedianern auf den Philippinen, die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, die Wikimedia-Projekte sowie allgemein offene Inhalte und offene Daten im Land zu fördern. Die Organisation wurde 2010 als gemeinnützige Nichtaktiengesellschaft gegründet und im selben Jahr als Wikimedia-Chapter anerkannt. Die Anerkennung der Organisation als Chapter wurde 2017 eingestellt und WikiSocPH agiert derzeit als unabhängiger Verein.


The idea to create an organization of Filipino Wikimedians was proposed on May 20, 2007 during the first Wikipedia meetup ("Manila 1") held in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. Over the next few years, the organization's Articles of Incorporation and By-laws were drafted. In early 2010, the Chapters Committee (now the Affiliations Committee) approved the documents and the organization was subsequently recognized as an official Wikimedia chapter by the Wikimedia Foundation on March 17, 2010. Thereafter, the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws were signed by the incorporators on March 28, 2010 and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 8, 2010. The Certificate of Incorporation was approved by the SEC on April 12, 2010 (with Company Reg. No. CN201005637) and released on April 16, 2010.

Among the major projects initiated by the chapter were Wikipedia Takes Manila in 2011, the Philippine WikiCon 2012, Wiki Loves Monuments in 2012 and 2013, and the Cultural Heritage Mapping project from 2014 to 2015. The organization also held numerous workshops, talks, and edit-a-thons, and attended events such as a few Software Freedom Day celebrations in various universities.

On September 9, 2016, the organization's status as a Wikimedia affiliate was suspended while issues regarding the reporting of activities was delayed. The organization was not able to meet the deadline for remediation of issues (due in part to bureaucracy in the Philippine government) and this resulted in its discontinuance as a Wikimedia chapter starting March 1, 2017.

Although the organization is no longer an official affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization is still continuing with its efforts to promote the Wikimedia movement in the Philippines through projects related to Philippine heritage and history (such as the Panandâ mobile app) based on Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons, and projects to counter online disinformation and historical negationism that culminated with a Wikipedian in Residence project at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani (Monument of Heroes), an institution dedicated to the preservation of the memory of the heroes and martyrs that suffered under the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.


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