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Butch Bustria conducting the Waray-Waray Wikipedia orientation at Tacloban
  • Tacloban Meet-up

The event was attended by Wikipedians as well as the employees of the Philippine Information Agency Region 8, provincial information desks of Samar and Leyte provinces, radio and print news representatives, information officers from the Department of Interior and Local Government (Eastern Visayas), information officers from the Department of Agriculture (Eastern Visayas, representative from the Nutrition Council of the Philippines (Eastern Visayas). (See: Tacloban 1 Meet-up)

MediaWiki Orientation with Philippine IT Organization
  • MediaWiki Orientation with Philippine IT Organization

As agreed on the June 9, 2012 meeting, members of the Philippine MediaWiki Group conducted an orientation workshop for the Philippine IT Organization on January 12, 2013 at the 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City. The workshop was lead by Marco San Andres and it gave the audience an understanding about installation and configuration of the MediaWiki content management system.


Jojit explains how to edit Wikipedia to the students of GRC
  • Open Web Days at Global Reciprocal Colleges and Chiang Kai Shek College

On February 9, 2013, Wikimedia Philippines and Mozilla Philippines were invited to talk at the IT Week of Global Reciprocal Colleges (GRC) in Caloocan City, an event organized by Phil-IT Organization. Other speakers from other IT organizations were also present and more than 200 students attended this event.

During the morning session, Bob Reyes talked about the New Web Challenge and the Firefox OS while Jojit Ballesteros gave a talk about Wikipedia and how a newbie can easily edit articles. In the afternoon, Jojit gave a Wikipedia editing workshop to around 56 students. GRC BSIT Program Head Donato C. Manalastas gave WMPH a certificate of appreciation.

On February 15, 2013, Gabriel Balancio, Lead for SAP Education of Mustard Seed Systems, Inc., an information technology products distributor and reseller, invited Wikimedia Philippines to give a talk at the Computer Expo 2012 in Chiang Kai Shek College, Manila. Jojit Ballesteros gave a talk about Wikipedia editing and uploading pictures to Wikimedia Commons to about 21 students.

  • Second MediaWiki Orientation with Philippine IT Organization

On February 23, 2013, Philippine IT Organization hosted a meeting with the Philippine MediaWiki Group at Jollibee Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The meeting include a new round of product orientation of MediaWiki. Marco San Andres and Mike Rubio lead the product presentation and workshop.


  • Open Web Day at STI College - Novaliches
Jojit explains the Wikimedia vision at STI College.

On March 16, 2013, The Wikimedia Philippines joined the G-FOSS, an event organized by Information Technology Students Association (ITSA) of STI College at Novaliches, Quezon City aimed to promote going Green with Free and Open Source Software. This was held at the amphitheater of the STI Acedemic Center and attended by around 100 students. Aside from WMPH, Drupal, EQELA, and Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) co-sponsored the event. The program started with a doxology, the Philippine national anthem, and STI hymn. After which, Mr. Alwin Abalajen gave his welcome remarks. Paul de Paula of Drupal gave a talk, followed by Jojit Ballesteros of WMPH who talked about Free Culture and Wikipedia. Francis Malayao of CPU and Markku Kero of EQELA also presented some views about Free and Open Source Software after Jojit’s talk. Ms. Juville Rañises, ITSA Advised, closed the event.

After his presentation, Jojit chose Jay Francis Oboza, a volunteer from the audience to try to register a Wikipedia account and create a user page. He won a Wikipedia shirt for volunteering to create a user account and a user page in Wikipedia.

2013 Wikimedia Chapters Conference, Milan
  • Wikimedia Chapters Conference, Milan

The annual Wikimedia Conference was held this year in Milan, Italy, hosted by Wikimedia Italia. Josh Lim was the representative of Wikimedia Philippines to the meeting, where he attended sessions on chapter development, finances and programs and projects in developing countries. He also attended the meeting as an unofficial representative of the Wikimedia Foundation's Affiliations Committee, where he was appointed to a two-year term earlier this year.


Amsterdam International Hackathon, May 24-26.
  • Amsterdam Hackathon

Mike Rubio was assigned as the representative of Wikimedia Philippines to the 2013 Amsterdam MediaWiki Hackathon. Mike attended several workshops during the three days of the Hackathon including the one on setting up a development environment for MediaWiki. This particular workshop was the basis for the MediaWiki Workshop that was held during the 2013 Philippine Wikimedia Conference. Report


  • Launch of the New Filipino Language Orthography

Roel Balingit attended the launch of the revised orthography of the Filipino (Tagalog) language at the Sentro Rizal of the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino in Manila. The new guidelines certainly has an impact to the Tagalog Wikipedia which should reconcile its own guidelines to find the Wikipedia project more relevant and up to date. See full report here (Filipino)

  • 2013 Philippine Wikimedia Conference

The 2013 Philippine Wikimedia Conference was held last June 15 at the WSI Corporate Center in Makati City. The conference which focused discussions on the various Philippine language Wikipedias provided information and data on the problems facing these Wikipedia projects, including language and translation issues that hinder their growth as these create confusion among interested contributors. There were presentations about the Bikol, Kapampangan, Pangasinan and Tagalog Wikipedias. Participants from outside Manila came from Bohol, Camarines Sur, Pampanga, Pangasinan and Baguio City. The first chapter-sponsored Media-Wiki training was also conducted simultaneously during the conference by participants in the Berlin and Amsterdam Hackathons.

  • Annual Meeting of Wikimedia Philippines

The 4th Annual Meeting of Wikimedia Philippines took place immediately right after the Philippine Wikimedia Conference. Among the propositions voted by the general membership are amendments to the chapter's bylaws, which will make Wikimedia Philippines more compliant with local regulations. The annual meeting was a milestone in the chapter's history as the terms of all the original seven trustees expired and 7 of the 9 Board seats had to be filled. Four of the original trustees were successfully reelected, while two women were elected to the previously all-male Board, one of whom is also based outside of Manila.


  • Open Web Day at De La Salle University, Manila

On July 17, 2013, the College of Computer Studies – Software Technology Department of the De La Salle University – Manila invited Wikimedia Philippines to be part of their Industry Lecture Series. Jojit Ballesteros presented a lecture entitled "Collaboration on the Free and Open Web Using Wiki Technology" to around 100 students at the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall. The lecture is about how the Internet evolved from static pages to interactive pages, which includes the wiki. Wikipedia, which uses wiki technology, made the Internet more collaborative and interactive. This is the second time WMPH visited De La Salle University.


From L to R: James Singlador (WLMPh 2012 winner), Eugene Villar, Butch Bustria and Josh Lim at Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong
  • Wikimania 2013, Hong Kong

Four members of Wikimedia Philippines participated in the annual gathering of Wikimedians worldwide in Hong Kong, alongside James Singlador, the winner of Wiki Loves Monuments Philippines 2012. This is the largest delegation of Wikipedians from the Philippines to a Wikimania to date.

Wikimedians from the Philippines participated in a number of sessions organized at the conference. Secretary Josh Lim presented a paper at the conference: "The Wikipedian Condition", while Marco San Andres and Butch Bustria participated in the conference's sessions on MediaWiki and other technical matters. President Eugene Villar attended sessions on chapter development and community dynamics.

Wikimedia Philippines also organized for a second time the annual Wikimedia Asia meeting, where Wikipedians from across the Asian continent agreed to organize a cultural content exchange program across their respective Wikipedias.


  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

Wikimedia Philippines held for the second year, Wiki Loves Monuments which is now participated by 53 countries and regions. The month long upload period gathered 6,053 entries (33,824.4 MB of data) from 92 participants, tripling the 2,300 images uploaded in the previous year's edition of WLM. The Philippines ranked 18th among the participating countries with the most number of uploaded images. The top entries from the Philippines will vie for two international honors, one in an Asia-wide event sponsored by Guidoo – Your personal travel guide where it will compete with top entries from China, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Taiwan and Thailand, and the other being the global Wiki Loves Monuments competition.

  • Software Freedom Day 2013

For the third year in a row, Wikimedia Philippines participated in the main Software Freedom Day celebration in the country held on September 21 at the Far Eastern University in Manila. The event is annually organized by the Computer Professionals' Union, an informal partner organization of Wikimedia Philippines. In the morning plenary session, WMPH President Eugene Alvin Villar gave a talk on Free Culture and how it relates to Free and Open Software. During the afternoon breakout sessions, Mr. Villar, together with WMPH Secretary James Joshua Lim, conducted a workshop on contributing to Wikipedia. The workshop was held back-to-back with a workshop on OpenStreetMap conducted by Maning Sambale of OpenStreetMap Philippines.


Open Web Day at the Angeles University Foundation
  • Open Web Day at Angeles University Foundation

On October 19, 2013, the very first outreach to the Kampampangan Wikipedia community was held at the Angeles University Foundation (AUF) in Angeles City. This Open Web Day at AUF in partnership with AUF, Creative Commons Philippines, Defenders of Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago, and Kapampangan Wikipedia community, was attended by around 20 participants including members of WMPH, such as jazz guitarist Johnny Alegre and WMPH Vice President John Paul Antes. The event focused on the improvement of the Kapampangan Wikipedia.

The program started with the National Anthem and an invocation. Josie Henson gave her welcome remarks. Jojit Ballesteros presented the first talk about basic Wikipedia editing. It was followed by a lunch that featured delicious Kapampangan cuisine. In the afternoon, the event continued as Atty. Berne Guerrero of Creative Commons Philippines and Edwin Camaya of the Kapampangan Wikipedia community gave their respective lectures. Jojit Ballesteros proceeded with the actual workshop on Wikipedia editing. He also demonstrated the process of uploading pictures to Commons while the participants followed his instructions. The event ended with a raffle and some participants were able to receive a Wikipedia shirt.

  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

The 6,053 entries for Wiki Loves Monuments Philippines were trimmed to the 50 best entries last October 18 at the Picasso Residences, Makati City by the preliminary jury composed of Paolo Bustamante, a heritage blogger; Alan Lopez, a professional photographer from the Philippine Center for the Advancement of Culture and the Arts; Eugene Villar, Wikimedia Philippines president; Roel Balingit, project coordinator; and Jenna Delos Reyes, project lead. The results were announced on the official website and Facebook page last October 22. The public was invited to "LIKE" their favorite finalists as the most number of "LIKE"s will win People's Choice Award as the final judging immediately went underway.


  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2013
Jojo Deladia's winning photo of Wiki Loves Monuments Philippines 2013

It was like déjà vu when another image of Vigan’s Cathedral, this time by Jojo Deladia (User:Obra19) won the 2013 edition of Wiki Loves Monuments Philippines. In 2012, James Singlador’s Vigan Cathedral copped the top prize.

The Wiki Loves Monuments Philippines awarding ceremony held last November 16 at the Herald Suites Makati also announced the rest of the Top 10 entries that are nominated to the international and Asia-wide competition of Wiki Loves Monuments as well as two special awards — Quality and People’s Choice Awards. The event also gave recognition to Cid Jacobo for winning 3rd Place at the International Wiki Loves Monuments last year.

The scoring system employed was also explained during the short program wherein the photographs were rated according to Technical Quality (45%), Originality/Setting (45%) and Usefulness in Wikipedia (10%). Members of the jury included three photographers — Ian Alquiros, Niccolo Cosme, Anna Manlapas; Joshua Lim, a Wikipedian; and Mr. Reynaldo Lita from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

For having 12 images in the Top 50, the most of any participant, Jet Velas (User:IJVelas) won the Quality Award. At the same time the Top 50 was announced over Facebook on October 22, the public was invited to “Like” their favorite images in the selection. It was not until 6:00PM of November 16 that the voting was closed and Mon Federe’s image of Calle Crisologo in the Historic Town of Vigan emerged as the People’s Choice Awardee after gathering 1,947 Likes. The rest of the winners can be found on the official project website and project page in Wikimedia Commons.

Some attendees heeded the call to bring relief goods for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, which were brought the next day to the relief packing facility at the Barangay Valenzuela covered court in Makati.

  • Open Web Day at University of Nueva Caceres
Joel Encinas helps a participant at the UNC Open Web Day,

The Open Web Day (including an edit-a-thon) came back to Naga City, this time, to University of Nueva Caceres (UNC) in partnership with UNC, Bicol Region Librarians Council (BRLC) and the Bikol Wikipedia Community. More than 30 participants coming from different parts of the Bicol region attended the event. It aimed to improve articles in Wikipedia especially on its Bikol language version.

After the Philippine National Anthem and invocation, Ms. Maria Lourdes Francisco of BRLC gave the welcome remarks. After which, Jojit Ballesteros gave a talk about basic Wikipedia editing followed by Mr. Ramon Olaño, Jr., who shared his experiences in Wikipedia and introduced the Bikol Wikipedia and its community.

After lunch, Jojit conducted the actual workshop with the help of WMPH volunteers. The workshop became an edit-a-thon with a twist. Participants edited Wikipedia pages and created new articles. The persons who (1) has the most number of edits; (2) best created new articles in terms of sources; and (3) best improved the Wikipedia page of the University of Nueva Caceres, won prizes such as Wikipedia shirts, fans, buttons and stickers.

The Bikol Wikipedia community, including former WMPH Auditor, Mr. Gil Gregorio, served as judges for the competition. Among the five winners, four were students and the other one was a faculty. Before the announcement of winners, a special citation was given to Joel Encinas for being the most active WMPH volunteer for the Open Web Day events.

  • Strategic Planning

The Board of Wikimedia Philippines went on a strategic planning on November 23 to 24 in Tanay, Rizal. The Board assessed their performance based on the 2013–2018 Strategic Plans of the organization, and continued laying out the plan for the organization based on the roadmap designed last year through comprehensive goal-setting revolving around the following eight strategic priorities of the organization:

  1. Increase local language readership
  2. Increase local language contributions
  3. Increase quality photos of national heritage
  4. Increase partnerships
  5. Address financial aspects
  6. Standardize processes
  7. Professionalize the organization & upgrade the knowledge of the chapter and members
  8. Empower communities

The Board also undertook a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the organization, identified potential projects and their targets for the upcoming year, and discussed the organization's 2014 annual budget.


  • Tagalog Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Meet-up

On December 1, 2003, the Tagalog Wikipedia was founded as the first Wikipedia in a Philippine language. Now, ten years and seven more Wikipedias later, Wikimedia Philippines is joining the Tagalog Wikipedia community in celebrating this momentous occasion in its history.

Started by Eugene Alvin S. Villar, who is currently the President of Wikimedia Philippines, the Tagalog Wikipedia did not receive any substantial contributions until January 2004, when the first article, “Wikipedia”, was created. The Main Page plainly said “Ang Wikipedia ay isang proyekto na isinalin sa maraming wika upang makalikha ng buo at sapat na malayang nilalamang ensiklopedya” (“Wikipedia is a project translated into many languages in order to create a complete and adequate free-content encyclopedia”). Most people who knew Wikipedia at the time were aware of the English Wikipedia, but perhaps thought to themselves: “an encyclopedia in Tagalog/Filipino? Impossible!”

Today, Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website in the Philippines, and people in the Philippines look up to it as a vital source of information. While it is significantly smaller than the English Wikipedia, with only 60,000 articles compared to the English Wikipedia’s four million, around 12.4 million people visit the Tagalog Wikipedia every month. And the project continues to grow: as more people continue to realize that Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia they can edit, everyone stands to benefit from it.

Wikimedia Philippines looks forward to promoting the Tagalog Wikipedia—and all other Wikipedias in languages of the Philippines—so that Filipinos can continue to benefit from information in their own language, regardless of what that language is. Wikipedians gathered in Makati on the evening of December 1 for a tenth anniversary party, charting the future course of the Tagalog Wikipedia, and where Wikimedia Philippines hopes to help them achieve their future goals, all for the sake of imagining a free world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

On December 9, the winners of the Asian Category of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 were announced which included Allan Jay Quesada's image of Paoay Church as third place for having “(t)he right amount of saturation [that] adds a nice flavour to [the] sky and it seems like a monument going with the nature.” Quesada won gift vouchers from Guiddoo worth €100.

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Date Type Subject/Agenda Location Reports Minutes
Jan 12 (Sat) MediaWiki group Product meeting Makati
Jan 27 (Sun) Board Makati
Jan 30 (Wed) Project team WikiCon pre-planning Makati
Feb 19 (Tue) Project team WikiCon planning Antipolo, Rizal
Feb 23 (Sat) MediaWiki group Product meeting Pasig
Mar 10 (Sun) Project team WikiCon planning Makati
Apr 6 (Sat) Project team WikiCon logistical planning Makati
Apr 13 (Sat) Board 2013 Annual Meeting Makati 2012 Financial Statements
May 19 (Sat) MediaWiki group Periodic meeting Quezon City
Jun 08 (Sat) MediaWiki group Periodic meeting Quezon City
Jun 10 (Mon) Board Annual Meeting final preparations/arrangements Makati
Jun 15 (Sat) General Membership Annual Meeting Makati
Jun 29 (Sat) Board Election of officers, Video conference with Asaf Bartov Makati
Jul 13 (Sat) MediaWiki group Periodic meeting Quezon City
Aug 21 (Wed) Admin Virtual conference with Asaf and Anasuya
Oct 12 (Sat) GLAM-Wiki group Wiki Loves Monuments Judging details, jury, awarding ceremony and program Makati
Oct 26 (Sat) GLAM-Wiki group Wiki Loves Monuments venue ocular inspection Makati
Nov 16 (Sat) Board Makati
Nov 23–24 (Sat–Sun) Board Strategic Planning Tanay, Rizal
Dec 1 (Sat) GLAM-Wiki group Cultural mapping proposal of Joel Aldor et al. Makati
Dec 7 (Sat) Board Makati
Dec 17 (Tue) GLAM-Wiki group Cultural Mapping proposal initial presentation Makati


  • See list of resolutions here.

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At the end of 2012, membership in WMPH reached 85.

Date New Members Total Members
2013-01-27 8 93
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2013-02-26 1 97
2013-04-13 5 102
2013-05-03 5 107
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2013-11-24 10 121

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