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  • Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2015
    During the chapter's activities in Eastern Visayas last November 2014, WMPH representatives Juan Bautista Alegre (WMPH President) and Jojit Ballesteros (WMPH co-founder) held a teleconference with Eddie Avila of Global Voices where he invited the chapter to send a representative to the Global Voices Citizen Summit that would be held in January 2015 in Cebu City.
Eugene Villar, WMPH Chairman, attended the Summit on behalf of the chapter where he was included in the panel on "Filipino Indigenous Languages in Citizen Media" alongside Jocelyn Gerra, an educator, Anol Mongaya, a Cebuano citizen journalist, and Bob Reyes of the Mozilla Philippines Community.




  • Manila Meet-up
  • Cultural Heritage Mapping Project (CHMP) Meetup at Shangri-La Plaza Mall
    On the 11th of March, a meetup was held in Starbucks at Shangri-La to discuss the status of the project and to answer questions of the volunteers. The meetup lasted from 7:15 PM to 9:45 PM, and had approximately eleven people in attendance (inclusive of several volunteers, the project lead, the project coordinator, and a pair of Board members).
  • Student Expo at STI College Cubao
    On March 13, 2015, WMPH took part at the Student Expo in STI College Cubao in Quezon City. The event was organized CSIT-CODE student organization with their adviser Professor Ophalyn L. Gelito. The objectives of expo include the enhancing of academic skills of students and increasing of knowledge about technology. WMPH Founder Jojit Ballesteros was one of the speakers of the event and he discussed about Free Culture, FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and Wikipedia. The audience was mainly high school students from nearby schools that were invited by STI College.
  • Meetup at Robinsons Galleria
    On the 27th of March, a special meetup took place at the 4th floor of Robinsons Galleria attended by Board members Eugene Villar, John Paul Antes, Roel Balingit, Marco San Andres; volunteers Yen Bongcac, Jacob Carpio, Melodina Cruz; project coordinator Zach Pagkalinawan; auditor Vera Villocido; and senior program officer Asaf Bartov.


  • 3rd Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Mario Feir's Filipiniana Library
    Held on April 2, more info to come.
  • GLAM-Wiki 2015 Conference
    Zach Pagkalinawan participated in GLAM-WIKI 2015 (held from April 10 to 12 in The Hague, Netherlands), an annual conference of the Foundation designed to foster better relations with galleries, libraries, archives, and museums among Wikimedians. The conference lasted for three days (not counting pre-registration), with Day 1 and Day 2 held at Koninklijke Bibliotheek (lit. "Royal Library") while Day 3 was held the Nationaal Archief. The purpose of the trip was to showcase the progress of the Cultural Heritage Mapping Project to the GLAM-Wiki community in attendance as well as to gleam inspiration from existing projects of other local chapters to come up with an idea for a new project.
  • Cultural Heritage Mapping Project Meetup at the Pagkalinawan Residence
    On the 25th of April, a meetup was held in Western Bicutan, Taguig City. The purpose of the meetup was originally to conduct an edit-a-thon as a way of encouraging the volunteers to reach the target before the coming deadline. The original venue was supposed to be the Mozilla Community Center in Makati City, but a new location was picked by the project lead when it was discovered that the Center would not be available to use on that day. The event was also relegated to a Meetup instead of a planned Edit-a-thon when only two certified volunteers (Melodina Cruz and Karl Aguilar) turned up; other participants included the project coordinator (Zach Pagkalinawan), the project lead (Eugene Villar and WMPH Chairman), and two other members of the WMPH Board (Marco San Andres and Paolo Barazon).
ESEA meetup in Berlin
  • Wikimedia Conference 2015
    The annual Wikimedia Conference was once again held in Germany this year, where it was hosted by Wikimedia Deutschland at the offices of Der Tagesspiegel in Berlin. Wikimedia Philippines was represented at the conference by Chairman Eugene Villar and President Johnny Alegre, as well as trustee Josh Lim, who attended as a member of the Affiliations Committee. The three attended sessions on chapter development, projects and the future of Wikimedia movement affiliates, and led to continued renewed interest in Wikimedia Philippines' activities by other Wikimedia chapters and user groups. Wikimedia Philippines also organized the annual meet-up of East and Southeast Asia (ESEA) affiliates during the conference.


  • First Editing Workshop at the Ateneo de Manila University
  • Annual Meeting 2015
    On June 20, Wikimedia Philippines held its 6th Annual General Meeting at the Elks Club in Makati. Chapter president Juan Bautista Alegre and treasurer Roel Balingit delivered the annual report and financial report, respectively, before the membership body. It was the first membership meeting after the overhauling of the membership roster to retain only members who have participated in chapter activities and exhibited interest in organizational affairs. The annual meeting proceeded with the election of its auditor, re-electing Vera Villocido from Bohol for another term. The election of four Trustees of the WMPH Board followed, wherein incumbent trustees John Paul Antes, Roel Balingit and Eugene Villar were re-elected, along with Emmanuel Ramirez, to serve two-year terms. The chapter presented before the body, the proposition to transfer its principal office to Rufino Pacific Tower along Ayala Avenue, Makati to save up to 25% on virtual office services, the result was inconclusive and voting would have to continue to obtain written assent of other members of the organization.
The membership body also had an open discussion with a suggestion from the Wikimedia Foundation to study the merits of being an unincorporated Usergroup as a possible alternative measure to address its burdening regulatory reportorial requirements.
  • First Meetup of Spanish-speaking Filipino Wikipedians


Filipino Wikimedians at Wikimania 2015
  • Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City
    Filipino Wikimedians attended the 2015 Wikimania held in Mexico City, Mexico. The group consisted of Carlo Moskito, who was invited to attend the annual gathering of Wikimedians, with scholarship grantees Roman Bustria and Josh Lim, in addition to Melody Cruz and Roel Balingit who were Chapter delegates.
Waray Edit-a-thon in Tacloban
  • Waray Edit-a-thon
    The 2nd Waray Wikipedia Edit-a-thon was a day-long wiki editing event to improve the Waray Wikipedia and served as a follow-up to the the first very first edit-a-thon event in the Eastern Visayas that was conducted last November 2014. The actual edit-a-thon was held at the Legislative Building, Tacloban City, Leyte on July 25, 2015. The edit-a-thon was organized by Wikimedia Philippines (WMPH), the Sinirangan Bisaya Wikimedia Community and the National Press Club - Tacloban in cooperation of the Office of the Vice Mayor of Tacloban City. Michael Ong, Jojit Ballesteros and Bel Ballesteros helped in assisting the participants on wiki editing. Aside from the edit-a-thon, the project team had meetings with City Government of Catbalogan, Philippine Information Agency Region 8, and Leyte Normal University. (see Report)


JP Antes and Josh Lim at HPAIR 2015
  • Philippine entertainment materials loaned to WMPH
    On August 9, Josh Lim and JP Antes met with Joseph Peter Gonzales — a multi-awarded entertainment columnist, who has won among others the Dangal ng Filipino Awards and Young Professionals Awards for Media and Journalism — to explore conducting Wikimedia projects that help provide Philippine entertainment content that is often missing across Wikimedia projects. Gonzales as an initial gesture loaned to the chapter several photographs of Filipino entertainers and other related materials (see below) that will be used for thematic editing meet-ups.
  1. The Golden Years: Memorable Tagalog Movie Ads 1946–1956, by Ronald Constantino & Ricardo Lo
  2. The Urian Anthology 1970–1979
  3. Movie Times by Isagani Cruz
  4. Programs of 15th and 16th Star Awards for Movies
  • Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations
    On August 21, Wikimedia Philippines was invited to participate at the Career Fair of the 2015 Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Asian Conference, held at the De La Salle University. Josh Lim and JP Antes, who is an HPAIR alumnus, promoted job openings at the Wikimedia Foundation in cooperation with the WMF's human resources team. Some ninety HPAIR participants flocked to the WMPH booth to hear more about the Foundation's job openings, plus volunteer opportunities at WMPH for Filipino participants.


  • Second Editing Workshop at the Ateneo de Manila University
  • Software Freedom Day 2015




  • Wikipedia Asian Month



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