Wiki Loves Butterfly/List of butterflies/Riodinidae

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Name female adult dorsal female adult ventral male adult dorsal male adult ventral

Abisara bifasciata angulata
(Angled Double-banded Judy)

Abisara chela chela
(Sikkim Spot Judy)

Abisara echerius
(Plum Judy)

Abisara fylla
(Dark Judy)

Abisara neophron neophron
(Khasi Tailed Judy)

Dodona adonira adonira
(Himalayan Striped Punch)

Dodona adonira naga
(Naga Striped Punch)

Dodona dipoea dipoea
(Himalayan Lesser Punch)

Dodona egeon egeon
(Himalayan Orange Punch)

Dodona eugenes
(Tailed Punch)

Dodona ouida ouida
(Darjeeling Mixed Punch)

Zemeros flegyas flegyas
(Himalayan Punchinello)

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