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Butterflies have always fascinated humankind by their bright colors, which always charm the eyes. Their beauty, seemingly amazing metamorphosis and carefree flight spark our imagination. To the multi-colored and texturous kingdom of butterflies so many genus and or species are found and so many unfound in West Bengal. But little Bengali documentation has so far been done on butterfly kingdom specially the butterflies of West Bengal. This leads to a lack of knowledge sharing in this realm. Hence necessity arise in contributing, developing and sharing knowledge on butterflies by way of write ups and photo uploading of butterflies and different stages of their life cycle, their behavioral patterns. Moreover it is imperative to endeavor to identify which species are found in West Bengal.

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Wiki Loves Butterfly

Project start date (include month, day, and year)Edit

26th March 2016

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28th March, 2018

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Ananya Mondal

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Sandip Das
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Project goalEdit

The overall purpose of Wiki Loves Butterfly project is to increase the amount of free licence materials regarding available butterfly species of West Bengal, India and related documentation and photographs in Wikimedia Commons and develop the quality and quantity of Wikipedia articles (Bengali Language) in this regard and particular documentation of rarely available species of any location of West Bengal to be contributed in Wiki species. The WLB project further aims at broad spectrum of outreach programme, knowledge sharing and interest growing among people about Butterflies as well as of Wikipedia, Wikimedia commons, Wiki species, contributing quality images on butterfly related events to Wikimedia commons involving more users. Apart from that the Wikimedia movement and local chapters will gain visibility and impetus through the success of this WLB project.

Measures of successEdit

We will consider this project a success if from the beginning till project completion, we have uploaded pictures on Commons Wikimedia and created/developed the article on Bengali Wikipedia. There will be reports on regular basis to track the project outcome.

Project scope and activitiesEdit

List of activities every month:Edit

  • Exploration and collect photographs: we take a trip to relevant place, like mountains, jungle, and other place along with the butterfly gardens.
  • Literature studying: searching literature for the content creation process
  • Reporting: create a report for our exploration every month
  • Publishing: uploaded the pictures on Commons Wikimedia, and created/developed the article on English and Bengali Wikipedia.


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Official report of Part-I and Part-IIEdit

  1. Final report of Part-I
  2. Interim Report of Part-II
  3. Final report of Part-II

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  1. CIS-A2K - SWAG material required for Wiki Loves Butterfly (WLB)Team


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  2. Bhopal Samachar


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