Wiki Loves Butterfly/List of butterflies/Hesperiidae/Coeliadinae

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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Badamia exclamationis
(Brown Awl)

Bibasis sena sena
(Indian Orangetail Awl)

Bibasis vasutana
(Green Awlet)

Burara amara
(Small Green Awlet)

Burara gomata gomata
(Bengal Pale Green Awlet)


Burara jaina jaina
(Darjeeling Common Orange Awlet)

Burara oedipodea belesis
(Himalayan Branded Orange Awlet)

Choaspes benjaminii japonica
(Oriental Common Awlking)

Choaspes furcata
(Hooked Awlking)

Choaspes stigmata
(Branded Awlking)

Hasora anura anura
(Himalayan Slate Awl)

Hasora badra badra
(Oriental Common Awl)

Hasora chromus chromus
(Oriental Common Banded Awl)

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