Wiki Loves Africa 2021/Mass messages

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Mass messaging is a way to inform people of Wiki Loves Africa updates. Previous participants can be informed of the start of a new competition, and current participants can receive updates during and after the competition.

How to send a mass messageEdit

  1. Acquire an audience. If you want a list of previous or current participants, you can get a list of uploaders within a category with the 'Uploaders in cat' tool.
  2. Create a list of talk pages you want to send messages to. Each link should be formatted like # {{#target:User talk:USERNAME}}
  3. Draft the message you want to send on a new page. Do not include a header, as the MassMessage tool has a separate field for that. Do not use templates and do not use magic words that aren't substituted.
  4. If you are an admin, you can use Special:MassMessage yourself. Otherwise, ask an admin on the Commons to send the message out (you may use the Administrators' noticeboard). To make the process quick and easy, you will want to provide clear links to the list of recipients, the subject of the message, and the message body.
  5. Check of delivery :
  6. Log of media wiki mass message :

People who can helpEdit

Useful links to implement mass messagingEdit

Helpful figures and statsEdit

38588 total images needs update

  • 18199 in 2017
  • 7457 in 2016
  • 6959 in 2015
  • 5973 in 2014

Participants - 4659 unique needs update

  • 2624 in 2017
  • 852 in 2016
  • 730 in 2015
  • 880 in 2014


Process : What was done in 2021Edit

First messageEdit

Message sent on March 3rd to all former participants (all years)

Note: next time use {{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}

Message sent

Recipients pages

Second messageEdit

Message sent on Sept 6th to former participants 2021

Message sent

Recipients pages