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WIKIMULHERES+ is a transnational, Portuguese-speaking wikiwomen group. We work to promote cultural diversity and knowledge equity in the Wikimedia movement and its platforms. We contribute to the sum of all human knowledge, focusing especially on the gender gap, from a decolonial perspective. We work to increase gender diversity and its intersectional issues; we also work to increase the participation and strengthen the work of women in Wikimedia, as well as the underrepresented communities to which we belong.


Mapa indicando onde as membras do WM+ estão territorializadas
  1. GiFontenelle (talk)
  2. CalliandraDysantha (✉︎)
  3. MariaCurista (talk)
  4. Danielly Campos Dias (talk)
  5. EricaAzzellini (talk)
  6. Sintegrity (talk)
  7. Flávia Varella (talk)
  8. MichaelaBlanc (talk)
  9. Contaminadas (talk)
  10. Ssstela (talk)
  11. XenoF (talk)
  12. Alebasi24 (talk)
  13. Friduxa (talk)
  14. TamiresAnsanelo (talk)
  15. Figmireia (talk)
  16. Anita Braga (talk)


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