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WikiGap Challenge
8 de marzo de 2019 - 8 de abril de 2019
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Sobre WikiGap

WikiGap is an initiative taken to close the gender gap and other diversity gaps on Wikipedia. A number of Wikipedia edit-a-thons will take place on March 8th, 2019, International Women's Day.

The initiative is made possible by a cooperation between Wikimedia Sverige, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Swedish embassies and Wikimedia affiliates, volunteers and local organizations around the world. WikiGap was first organized 8 March 2018 and now we would like to do it again.

If you would like to organize a WikiGap event at a Swedish embassy in your country, please get in touch with Mia at Wikimedia Sverige.

The WikiGap Challenge is an attempt to connect the individual events with each other. It is also a possibility for the participating Wikimedia organizations and volunteers to highlight important women from their context that they believe deserve articles on multiple languages.

The Challenge takes place from March 8th through April 8th 2019. Participants can sign up at any time, meaning that participants in WikiGap events that take place on other dates in March can also join in with their contributions.

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Contest details
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