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WikiDonne User Group activities November 2019 - November 2020





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Metrics (only Italian)Edit

The metrics below are aproximative, calculated manually on the sum for every event and are related only to the Italian projects (users and articles).

New editorsEdit

> 20 new editors (15 female).

New articlesEdit

  • > 320 new biographies in Wikipedia (> 290 female).
  • > 90 new articles on another topic (museums, COVID-2019 situation in various countries, hospitals, associations, food, bridges, films, books, Japanese weapons, film studios etc)

Improved articlesEdit

  • > 90 improved biographies (> 80 female).
  • > 10 improved articles on other topic (museums, COVID-2019 complications, films, hospitals, LGBTQ+ associations etc)

Tool we usedEdit



  • 16 featured images in Commons related to COVID-19 pandemic in Pesaro (Italy). We requested, supported and trained photographer Alberto Giuliani to upload his portraits of San Salvatore hospital healthcare staff - doctors and nurses - at the end of their shifts-twelve hours without a break. Three of them were declared Commons Picture of the day.
  • Uploads during Black Live Matters protests in Rome

New categoriesEdit

Arround 10 new female biography category.


  • More than 100 new items, most of all related to female biographies.
  • Lists of missing female biographies and other articles obtained through Wikidata queries based on occupation, continent, country, filed of activity.
  • Wikidata SPARQL query examples.



  • SheSaid, Italian co-organizer for Wiki Loves Women's international campaign, 210 new articles and 60 improved articles. Small gadgets provided for those who wrote more than 5 articles.

Wikimania 2019Edit

We managed the Diversity Space @ Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm, evaluated 27 submissions and accepted all of them, setting up this program. Wikimania 2019 Diversity space category in Commons.



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new partners (external institutions)


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Legal entityEdit

On September 28th, for the International Day for Universal Access to Information, WikiDonne became also a legal entity (APS - Social Promotion Association) in Italy, CF 96463280584.


(Italian) Statuto

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We ideated and tested a 1 hour model of a webinar: the first half of the hour containing a presentation/discussion with experts or partners on a certain topic, and the last half of the hour, an editing session on a wiki project related to that topic. Not two isolated groups of people, but put together on the same topic, two separated worlds: experts/partners and wikimedians. On one hand, this can help wikimedians to go deeper and have more clear some arguments, and on another hand, help experts to understand how they can contribute to our projects. Is also a way to explain "outside" the projects/community rules.