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WikiDonne was officially recognised by the Affiliations Committee on November 7th, 2016. During its first year of life, the User Group worked to address the gender gap, both in content and participation. Our User Group arrives at 83 members, was written or improved more than 630 articles, organized on line and in person editathons and contests, started international collaboration with other Wikimedia projects and cultural entities in Italy (museums, libraries, local authorities).




Courses to schools / universitiesEdit

Courses to female associationsEdit

Courses to female associations about editing Wikipedia / WikiDonne and more generally about stereotips, path equity, women and new tecnologies, social media, women's security on Internet, risks and opportunities of the web, education, trainig and work for women, free licenses.

Linux Day & Coder DojoEdit



  • Women in the CEE Countries, #100womendays international on line editathons, part of #100wikidays.
  • 100wikidays, to write for 100 days without stop articles in Wikipedia, Wikiquotes, Wikidata, Wikinews etc or upload files in Commons.


We created the Feminism portal, to put together all topics about feminism (movements for social and political rights, feminist phylosophy and teology femminista, feminism related personalities).


  • WikiDonne a Bologna, at Illustrated violence Festival in Bologna to write about violence against women.
  • WikiDonne a Genova, at Female Eccelence Festival in Genova to talk about the bases of Wikipedia and how to write articles about violence against women.


International collaborationsEdit

  • LeImprescindibili. We created a survey to find 25 female biographies of italian women in Wikipedia everyone should know about. With these biographies, using the functionallity Create a book we created a pdf available to free download.
  • Interwiki Women, permanent edit-a-thon started with Jaluj and Armineaghayan to write about women from Armenia and Argentina.

International conferences / hackathonsEdit


Mapping daysEdit

  • WikiDonne Mapping Days. Starting with 3 names in our list of LeImprescindibili - Maria Montessori, Artemisia Gentileschi and Nilde Iotti, plus other 3 ancient roman women like Ortensia, Beatrice Cenci and imperor Flavia Giulia Elena, we created (using the app Mappi[NA] and OSM) a map of places where this women were born, lived, did public spech, died and had the grave. At the end of this mapping day we inserted 16 locations in a kind of storytelling about their life in Rome that could be see here.


Presentation of gender gap session at Italian WikiCon in Trento, November 17th, 2017.


  • We discussed the snd and 3rd cycle of Wikimedia movement strategy and we endorse the direction Strategy.
  • We created rules and established scores to use in future contest, considering the gender perspective.
  • Putting together the WMF and MediaWiki CoCs, we adopted our Code of Conduct.
  • Using our experience, we created a guide to use when an event it has to be organized.
  • Using the WHGI tool, we obtain some metrics about gender gap in italian Wikipedia. Was also a way to understand and calculate our contribution.

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