WikiConference India 2023/Team

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28 – 30 April, 2023
Hyderabad, India

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⚠️ Privacy Disclaimer
  1. To safeguard the privacy of our community, the COT of WikiConference India has decided to not share individual details on Meta or any other public forums for conference-related updates. This has been done in consultation with various members of the COT including Trust and Safety to ensure the privacy concerns of our community members are addressed appropriately.
  2. However, the COT will be making space for voluntary disclosures for those who are comfortable presenting their association- as scholarship recipients, speakers, or committee members.
  3. We further advise those concerned to seek permission from any/all individuals involved before publishing personal information.
  4. Read more about digital safety here
    1. Digital Security considerations for Wikimedians
    2. Digital Security Resources


  • Nitesh
  • Nivas (Appointed as the Conference Coordinator by the WCI COT w.e.f 1st February, 2023.)

Volunteer CommitteeEdit

Communications Committee
Finance Committee
Operations Committee
  • Kasyap
  • Bhuvana Meenakshi
Programs Committee
  • Neechalkaran (Committee coordinator)
  • SGill (WMF)
  • Pavan Santhosh.s
  • Dsvyas
  • Shabab Mustafa
  • Chinmayee Mishra

Partnerships Committee
  • Suyash.dwivedi (Committee coordinator)
  • Praveen Das
Scholarships Committee
  • KCVelaga (Committee coordinator)
Event Safety and Inclusion Committee
  • Pavan Santhosh.s (Committee coordinator)
  • Manavpreet Kaur
  • Sapni G K
Advisory Committee