WikiConference India 2023/Pre-Conference Activity

28 – 30 April, 2023
Hyderabad, India

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The organizing team of WikiConference India 2023 has come up with two pre-conference activities for communities to engage and contribute to the Wikimedia projects as a part of the current iteration of WikiConference India. These pre-conference activities are not just for the participants of WCI 2023, but also for the Indic community contributors who are interested to be part of this pre-conference activity. We are bringing two activities to the table which are not only engaging for communities but also build a safe and open space for cross-community support and networking.

For the pre-conference activities, we have shortlisted two parallel activities. The first one is an on-wiki activity to ensure the participation of contributors from different communities and user groups. : “Every Book Its Reader campaign”. The second one is a community-facing and leadership activity, aligning with the focus areas of WCI as well as “Wikimedia Strategy-2030”. : “Solution room: WCI-2023”

1.Every Book Its Reader is an international campaign to focus on increasing quality content about books such as focused on literary work and oral stories in Wiki projects. It is not restricted to particular projects and Wikimedians or users can edit Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikisource. The Programs and Organizing committee has been working on analyzing the ideas which are given by community members. As per the ideas received, communities are interested to go for an on-wiki contribution channel like the Punjab edit-a-thon that happened during WikiConference India 2016. To promote a similar idea to Wiki Loves Literature, we have decided to go with international collaboration and are planning to set up this activity at the national level for the contributors of Indic Wikimedia projects which are engaging to both language and theme-based community contributors.

Proposed idea: Pre-conference activity lead proposed an idea to engage each community via one or two active editors. We can adopt the idea to promote the campaign and approach the local campaign coordinators to take a lead for their own language and communities.

Platform: The main event page will be on Meta only for Individuals or communities and if any community wants to take it forward then the community can translate the page or create a page on their local Wikis.

Focused area: Focused areas can be Folklore and Literary work but it will not be limited to it. If individuals or communities want to find their own area that will be also welcome.

Important Links:

2.Solution room: WCI-2023 (/Solution tank:WCI)

  • Considering the current scenarios, the focus of this initiative is to understand the needs and strengths of different communities and other user groups participating in this conference.
  • To build a safe and open space for cross-community support and networking.
  • Make more community leaders and skilful contributors, visible in a broader space with a larger audience.

Proposed workflow:

  • Once the activities are announced, we will inform all the participating user groups and communities to identify their top 3 needs (People support, technical support, resource persons, resource and documentation, help regarding grants/budgeting of proposals etc.)

So as for their top 3 strengths (something that the community wants to showcase to the WCI participants or some help/support that the group would love to extend to others).

  • A group of 2-3 people from the program team will be in charge of communicating the message to the audience and keeping track of the responses as well.
  • During the event, we will announce the outcomes of this activity and open the support channels to keep a track of who are the persons/teams/groups offering help. (This can be done on some vacant / filler time slot which will be of 10 minutes max: possibly some day’s pre-launch announcement).
  • Based on the responses received, the program team or the sub-team will ask the helping parties for confirmation if they can do it on their own and if they need any assistance from the WCI team or from any other participants of the conference. (Post-conference)


  • The announcement will be done on Meta, Mailing-lists, VPs and Talk Pages
  • Inputs will be documented on Meta
  • Needs and Supports can be tracked and displayed during the 10 minutes slot mentioned in workflow point number 4: Either on meta or on google jamboard
  • Support networks and final outcome of the activity: Meta


  • 1 April to 30 April 2023



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