TheAafi shares his life and IP with Ujaala
manzil qarīb dekh ke itrā'iye nahī,
manzil ke ās pās hī kitne bhatak gaye!

- Khālid Iqbāl Tā'ib Jaunpūrī
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The Aafi

The individuals who are able to dispel the obscurities of the ego in order to make their reason strong, such individuals are called "the virtuous by knowledge".


About me

Hi, I'm Aafi, and I happen to be the founder of Deoband Community Wikimedia, an AffCom-recognised affiliate user group.

My work

I often help to cleanup backlogs on English Wikipedia's RMT. I assist in license reviewing on Wikimedia Commons, and contribute as an VRT agent as well. I founded the Deoband Community Wikimedia on 31 July 2021 to help document the global Muslim academia and scholarship on Wikimedia projects. I am a translation administrator on Wikimedia Commons, Meta-Wiki, and Wikidata. I feel glad to help whenever asked.

Contact me

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