The individuals who are able to dispel the obscurities of the ego in order to make their reason strong, such individuals are called "the virtuous by knowledge".

— Shah Waliullah Dehlawi, Reconstruction of Culture and Islam by Muḥammad Taqi Amīni, p. 65

About me

I am "The Aafī" and I edit mainly on the English Wikipedia and partially on the Urdu Wikipedia. I have an alternate account, AafiOnMobile, specified to be used on mobile phones.

My work

I help to reduce backlog at the RMT. I'm a Teahouse host and occasionally serve new editors with the "Wikipedia Tea". I also train new editors as a part of the Adoption program of Wikipedia. As an OTRS volunteer, I assist in responding emails concerning the Urdu Wikipedia and the Dehalvi Wikimedia User Group. Since 23 April 2021, I'm a "limited admin" on the Urdu Wikipedia. I also serve the Urdu Wikipedia as an Ambassador to Educational Institutions in India. I serve the Dehalvi Wikimedia User Group as a leader member.

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