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SheSaid Philippines

The SheSaid Philippines is an initiative of Filipino volunteers aimed at improving the visibility of women by creating new quote entries or improving existing quotations associated with them. This is in participation for the international SheSaid drive of Wiki Loves Women.

SheSaid Philippines 2022 Official Poster

There is a clear gender gap in Wikimedia projects. By taking part in this year's SheSaid campaign, the team hopes to help bridge that gap. We will be working on two local Wikiquote projects: Wikisambit and Wikikawikaan, which now have their websites. We also wanted a small community of editors to maintain and develop those two wikiprojects now that they are no longer in the Wikimedia incubator. This year's SheSaid Philippines will be organized by new volunteers who also helped run Wikimania 2022 Philippines. We foresee they will become community organizers and participate in international campaigns such as SheSaid in the years ahead. The previous year's SheSaid Philippines campaign had a successful outcome. The last year's SheSaid Philippines campaign achieved an excellent result in article creation, as we also placed second in the International campaign. We wanted to revisit the previous articles because there could be some improvements, including adding references, images and proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors.

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SheSaidPH2021 icon1

Project Goal of the SheSaid Philippines


This initiative is related to the Wiki Loves Women project. Wiki Loves Women contributes toward the UN’s SDG 5 Gender Equity: achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Within the 2030 Wikimedia Strategy, the Wiki Loves Women project works toward resolving several recommendations, mainly Investing in Skills and Leadership Development. One of the recurring initiatives of Wiki Loves Women is the #SheSaid drive. As a group, we wanted to participate in this mission and inculcate in our members the need for equal gender representation, especially in Wikimedia projects. We aim to increase their visibility by contributing quotations from notable women. Locally, we wanted to create a collection of quotes from prominent women in history, politics, literature, and other areas, which will directly benefit Filipino history and languages and those who endeavor to study them.

As a support to bridge the gap in gender representation, this project will focus on:

  1. Increasing and/or improving content on notable Filipino women on different Wikiquote platforms;
  2. Promoting the Philippine language Wikiquote platforms under incubation (Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan) using fair gender representation;
  3. Recruitment of new editors and improving skills of existing editors through a series of edit-a-thons;
  4. Foster an open culture through meet-ups and include more women in the community of volunteers.


She Said Philippines
No. Particulars Target
1 Number of events 5 events - We are planning to conduct 5 in-person events
2 Number of participants 45 participants - There will be two categories of participants, new and repeat participants. We target higher number of new participants for each event.
3 Number of new editors 45 editors - All participants are invited to engage in editing, at least to add an image, a quotation, reference, or create a user account on Wikiquote.
4 Number of of articles created or improved 700 entries - quotes of notable Filipino women added, improved, and translated to Central Bikol and Tagalog.

Landing Page for Central Bikol and Tagalog Wikiquote


SheSaid Philippines Designs for 2022


SheSaid Philippines 2022 posters






How do we do this?


Training, edit-a-thons, and campaign promotion will be part of the sessions. We anticipate inviting 35 newbie volunteers, at most, who will learn the basics of editing, Wikimedia projects, the importance of Wikiquote, gender issues in Wikimedia projects, and how they can participate in the SheSaid campaign by editing on Wikiquote. We plan to hold edit-a-thons on two priority projects: Wikisambit (Central Bikol Wikiquote) and Wikikawikaan (Tagalog Wikiquote), and we hope to add quotations from notable Filipinas to English Wikiquote. Throughout the campaign, we will promote the initiative with art posters depicting women's empowerment, which will be posted on our social media pages.

The team will create a discussion page within the Philippine-language Wikiquote to encourage active interactions within the wiki projects. Participants will be grouped in a secure social media chat room for accessible communication. Following this project's completion, ongoing meetings with the editors will be held.

Join the Campaign

  1. Sign in if you already have a Wikimedia account. If you don't have an account yet, you may create one. The account may be used to both the target Wikiquote for this project.
  2. Register your name on the list of participants by typing ~~~~.
  3. On the list provided for target Wikiquote women entries, you may choose any for your contributions. Translations from English Wikiquote are accepted or you may start a new entry by scratch. Make sure to follow the quotability rules.
  4. On the edit summary include the #SheSaid and #SheSaidPH2022. Amplify the campaign by sharing your best entries on social medias.
  5. Be bold and always have fun!

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