This is similar to Wikiopinions, Wikibate, Wikiconspiracy, etc. However, it has a more broad scope, and is not a discussion forum.

  • Proposer: Gray Porpoise 23:09, 20 September 2006 (UTC)
  • Possible names: Wikapplications, Wikiresearch (but that would be easily confused with another proposal of mine, Wikisearch)
  • Philosophy: A set of knowledge alone is as useful to us as a pile of bricks when we want a house. Wikapplications would be a site for applying our knowledge and gathering new information.
  • Scope: A wiki for original research, theories, creation of constructed languages, recorded observations (e.g. a science experiment conducted), and other things that normally would not be accepted on Wikimedia projects. Debating would be allowed, but theories, hypothises, and opinions published would have to be educated/with supporting reasons and without personal attacks (e.g. you may say "I think George W. Bush is failing, because he _____", but not "Bush sucks!").