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In the Media
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Sony Center at Night, Berlin.
By Tillea.

In the mediaEdit


Press coverage of Wikimedia projects in the second and third quarter of 2005 ...


  • The project inspires us. Wikipedia is more than an encyclopedia. It's more of an attempt at collecting all knowledge about the world. The fact that it's being created by amateurs doesn't make it bad - if they write enough articles, they become professionals. And when they are not limited by space, enthusiasts can present all knowledge on every possible topic. I'm not afraid about the future of printed encyclopedia. The cinema did not kill the theatre, the television did not kill the cinema, and the Internet did not kill books, so the future of classic encyclopedia also seems safe. - Bartłomiej Kaczorowski, the editor-in-chief of PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers) Encyclopedia [1], the biggest Polish encyclopedia ("Ozon" magazine, August 18, 2005 [2])

"On the fence"Edit

  • Edgeler, Graeme. "Wikis at the Gate: Academics dissent over use of Wikipedia." Canta. October 24, 2005.
    • "An increase in students using the on-line encyclopaedia Wikipedia in essays and research papers is causing concern among academics… [Victoria University law lecturer Dean] Knight is concerned that Wikipedia "should not be used as a shortcut for actual research," but recognises that it may be appropriate to cite Wikipedia "where qualifications as to its integrity are less important.""

Not so positiveEdit


Call for Help appearanceEdit

More coming Canadian press contact Nicholas "user:zanimum" Moreau recently filmed a segment on the G4TechTV show Call for Help, on 19 October 2005. In the five-or-so minute interview with host Leo Laporte, Nick discussed many benefits and issues surrounding the project, though he lacks any specific memories of what was discussed. Laporte was extremely supportive and positive about Wikipedia; his radio show is actually supported by a wiki-based site.

While Wikipedia has been mentioned on a few shows, both as an example and a source of more information on the topics discussed, the previous time Wikipedia was discussed at length was show 71, first aired September 16, 2004.

The episode will first air in Canada on November 12, and then debut in the weeks after in the United States and Australia.

Or maybe it won't, because that's a Saturday. Where is my episode??? -- user:zanimum