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Revert warringEdit

Hey there!

Thanks for your help with fighting LTAs. I noticed you got in an revert war with an LTA on DannyS712's talk page. Could you avoid this in the future for a few reasons? It was a harmless edit, reverting just encourages them, and it's an abusive username so now the history has to be revdeleted multiple times. I know you had good intentions as I have found myself doing this time and time again on my homewiki, but this LTA wants you to get in a revert war with them. By ignoring them, they go away or at least cause less of a mess. There is some good info at Meta:Admin handbook#Long-term_abuse. ~riley (talk) 06:18, 27 January 2020 (UTC)

Hi ~riley, if I still were an admin here, I would have blocked them on sight just for their user name, regardless of any edits. I didn't mean to revert them five times, but reverting them was my only option for getting attention of a Meta admin, since WM:RFH is quite useless in acute situations and I had no way of knowing how many more pages they would vandalise. I really wondered why it took so long before (in this case) Bsadowski1 turned up. By the way, my experience both as a steward and as an admin on half a dozen projects does not lead me to believe that LTAs generally go away when they're ignored. However, I do get your point, as this is a non-content wiki. Would you rather have me not patrol recent changes on Meta anymore and leave the vandals to the admins? Regards, Wutsje (talk) 07:12, 27 January 2020 (UTC)
Hey Wutsje, totally get how you would have approached it if you were still an admin or steward and I agree that RFH is useless for active vandalism. A ping on IRC, as you might know, is the fastest option for an admin or steward to intervene as we don't often patrol recent changes considering it being a non-content wiki. I am not trying to educate in any way and while I knew your experience going into leaving the above note, I think it's worth mentioning nonetheless. While they won't simply go away, we also don't need to revdelete 6 edits/12 edit summaries and make a mess out of a talk page. This specific LTA is pretty predicable and you may have just made yourself a target moving forward, although i'm sure you're no stranger to that. Appreciate you listening to my rant! :) ~riley (talk) 07:32, 27 January 2020 (UTC)