I am pretty sad you consider my essay a strange and random rant only worth deletion. I guess that if it is so, basically all I wrote on meta should go in trash, because I wrote a lot of similar stuff, which falls under the name "parody". It took me much work to write and some liked it.

If you consider it should be deleted, please list all the articles in this category


as well as in this category


for deletion.

Many are much much worse than mine.

Or be nice to move my articles under my user page please. We have enough room to keep a few personal rants for each of us.


PS : I forgot to mention why I wrote it... I wrote it for two reasons. First my son is highly allergic and had to spent several days on hospital back in spring 2003. It was to relieve my fears. Second, the edit climate on the english wikipedia became horrible for french editors back in spring 2003, for reasons you can guess. After I read several times comments about the dirty monkeys, the jerks, the french assholes and fucking president (yes...) and got in an edit war on "the anti french sentiment in the USA", I stopped editing over there and became a refugee on meta for a while. This is when I wrote this text. To relieve my deep frustration of editors unable to keep their hainous feelings against french people in a decent state. What I humourously mention in that text is how I felt for some editors.

RE: IRC cloakEdit

Hi there. Please do another fresh cloak request as the system has been cleaned out. Thanks. —Sean Whitton / 16:27, 16 May 2007 (UTC)