Grant to reviewEdit

You said that you were interested in programs for LGBT+ history. I am signalling this request for Wikimedia Foundation funds to you as it came to me - I know very little about this. I am writing to ask if you can evaluate this and comment on it. Here is some guidance -

  1. There is very little published guidance and documentation to be found to teach anyone how to review funding requests. Look if you like but there is no good source.
  2. The Wikimedia community is highly influential in determining what gets funded
  3. If you have something nice to say, say it on the front page. Perhaps avoid saying anything negative, even on the talk page. Feel free to probe for preparedness and organization on the talk page to let their response speak for itself. Any interaction is helpful.
  4. The WMF is ready to fund LGBT+ projects internationally with significant money. What is uncertain is how to balance dispensing this with volunteers. Part of the solution is getting a certain number of people like you to spend ~10 hours a year to check for obvious problems with proposals and okay the obvious ones that can succeed.

Check it out - see what you think of the process and experience. Thanks if you can give it a look. Blue Rasberry (talk) 18:06, 24 November 2018 (UTC)

WikiConference North America 2020 registrationEdit

Thank you for signing up to attend WikiConference North America 2020! If you haven't already, it would be much appreciated if you could also take a minute to register through our form at While not required, this will help us keep you informed via email, and will also help give us an idea of attendance numbers over the next three days. Thank you, ~SuperHamster Talk Contribs 19:07, 10 December 2020 (UTC)