Grants:Project/Rapid/Houssem Abida/Write for the rights

Houssem Abida/Write for the rights
Tunisian and international participants will get together in Tunis to write about human rights issues in collaboration with a local NGO. The event is part of the series Wikipedia for Peace. The event will be simultaneous to the Queer Film Festival in Tunis to document it as well.
targetnew articles in the respective language versions of the participants. Thus far ar, de, fr, en, es, se, ru, uk. Aside from that also Wikimedia Commons. These articles will focus on LGBT rights and NGOs in arab countries, and the sexual education.
start date22.03.2019
start year2019
end date26.03.2019
end year2019
budget (USD)2.000 USD
grant typeindividual
granteeHoussem Abida

Please see the sample Editathon/Training application before drafting your application.

Project GoalEdit

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.

  1. Recruit new editors
  2. Increase skills for existing editors
  3. Add or improve content

Project PlanEdit


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. Be sure to answer the following questions:

1. Are you doing one editathon or training or a series of editathons or trainings?

With this grant, I am intending to organize a unique editathon simultaneous to the Queer Film Festival in Tunis. In fact, other trainings will be organized before this one, for the organizes of the festival so that they can upload their photos of the festival on Commons, as photography will be prohibited during the festival for participants to ensure people’s safety and confidentiality. But these trainings won’t need any budget as our partner, the organizing NGO, Mawjoudin, is going to give us the logistic needs, and i twill be for locals so no need for accomodation or transportation expenses.

2. How will you let your community know about the event? Please paste links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions.

I am going to share this event in the LGBT User Group Facebook group and the Telegram group as well. Also, we have a whatsapp group for the participants of the Wikipedia For Peace editathon that happened in Stockholm this year. We are not looking for a big number of participants so not big communication will be conducted.

3. Do you have experienced Wikimedia editors to lead the event?

Yes. Two Wikimedians who already organized similar events: Shikeishu ans Sparrow (麻雀)

4. Do participants have the equipment or skills needed to participate and contribute high quality content? If not, how will you support them?

I believe yes. Most of the participants have big experience with at least one language in Wikipedia which is more than enough for us as one of the goals of the editathon is to translate existing articles about LGBT in the MENA region in the biggest number of languages and also to translate articles related to sexual education. Also, our partner, Mawjoudin, is going to provide us with references and documents about LGBT in Tunisia.

5. How will you engage participants after the event(s)?

I think the best example of this is me. After my participation in the Wikipedia for peace editathon in Stockholm, I came back inspired and decided to host this one. And most of the other participants were there for me and now they are supporting me in all ways possible. So I guess I will do the same with participants who will be present with us.

6. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?

As far as I know, such event related to such topic has never been organized in a MENA country.


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets:

  1. Number of events

We are going to organize 4 events: 2 WikiCommons workshops for the photographers of the festival, an editathon and a visit for the Queer film festival as journalists.

  1. Number of participants

10 International wikimedians 10 members of Mawjoudin, the organizing NGO of the festival 10 Tunisian wikimedians or volunteers

  1. Number of new editors

10 Contributors on commons (fromthe festival photographers). But this will depend on the organizers.

  1. Number of of articles created or improved

40 Articles created, improved or created 50 photos of the first queer festival in the arab world.

  1. Number of repeat participants (for projects that include a series of events)

5 (who participated in other editathons)


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

I am partnering with Mawjoudin, The organizer of the Queer Film Festival to help me with finding references for the articles. Also, this NGO will give us access to the festival as journalists. They might help also with the venue for the editatoh. Finally, they will communicate about the event within their community, as the participants will be mostly their members.

Also, some international wikimedians who will participate will help facilitate the editathon, might bring their Cameras or some other goodies. What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

  • Accomodation for 11 participants for 3 nights in a hotel (+ one extra night in an airbnb for those who will travel the day after): 1350 USD
  • Transportation fees (gas for cars): 90 USD
  • Food and drinks: 500 USD
  • Communication and paper works: 60 USD
  • Total = 2000 USD


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  • --Sparrow (麻雀) 🐧 17:43, 29 October 2018 (UTC) I'm sure Houssem will be a great host as he knows how the project works as he participated in Stockholm and is also experienced with organizing other projects in Tunesia.
  • It is a great initiative in terms of bridging content gap for LGBT. I support this!Wikilover90 (talk) 10:16, 15 November 2018 (UTC)
  • Great initiative in region with very few projects like this. Shikeishu (talk) 11:09, 15 November 2018 (UTC)
  • This looks to be a wonderful initiative supporting the project and gaining new recruits. The idea of pairing with a film festival and other NGOs is fantastic. Also supports Wikipedia:WikiProject LGBT studies. = Paul2520 (talk) 12:30, 15 November 2018 (UTC)
  • Excellent initiative that will get NGOs, librarians, and scholars to build Wikipedia community in this region. The people facilitating this event are experienced editors and have worked with globally diverse participants in past Wikipedia events. I support funding this event! RachelWex (talk) 15:02, 15 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support --J. Ansari Talk 15:29, 15 November 2018 (UTC)
  • Great initiative.I support the event. Houssem is very active and experiened with organizing many projects. afek91 (talk) 23:44, 18 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support. --Csisc (talk) 07:39, 19 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support. Excellent initiative related to an interesting subject in the arab region. Yamen (talk) 09:03, 19 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support. --Meriem Mach (talk) 0?19:10, 19 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Strong support I think it's too important to have such events in MENA region. Dyolf77 (talk) 15:57, 21 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Strong support It's a new scope of work for Wikimedians in the region. Individual rights is a gradually increasing topic in Tunisia as well. It would be good to cover this gap of Wikipedia from our regional perspective.I endorse Houssem's work. Emna (talk) 13:59, 23 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support Moumou82 (talk) 23:04, 25 November 2018 (UTC)
  •   Strong support This is a much needed initiative because LGBTQ rights are infringed across almost all of the arab world. under and misrepresentation of LGBT issues is rampant in the arabic media and most arab societies. The arabic chapter of wikipedia can benefit greatly of this effort. I endorse, and offer my time and any resource i can to make this proposal a success. a friend from Lebanon. Elie plus (talk) 21:58, 26 November 2018 (UTC)
    • I'd be happy to run a mini-event in parallel in Beirut as well! (talk) 08:29, 27 November 2018 (UTC)


  • Volunteer Will take assignments, based in Lebanon. Good luck Elie plus (talk) 22:02, 26 November 2018 (UTC)
  • Volunteer Like Elie plus said, but I'm based in the US. And in communication with Houssem_Abida for possible other ways to support this initiative. = paul2520 (talk) 19:13, 6 February 2019 (UTC)