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Especially by trolls.  ;-)

Thank you! It is nice to be appreciated for my efforts to date. Please feel welcome to swing by and checkout v:Lunar Boom Town. We are attempting to create chaotic conditions where sparring partners can be briefly separated to different (or newly created) corners of our creative universe for modulated cooling. Obviously this is ambitious but the people who end up at [v:Lunar Boom Town] are generally compatible with the greenSpace faction 24 and I pioneered at early Wikipedia. So I feel we might be able to create a positive increment (by my standards anyway since I have appointed myself the acting lead combat engineer in theator ---> ALCEITLBT. I would love to chat soon, later 02:42, 26 November 2007 (UTC)

All mirwin contributionsEdit

Listed here due to bugzilla:323 (thank you Mauro742!).

Not deletedEdit


  1. A new wikipediast grumpy at the FAQ
  2. Be bold
  3. Best cases
  4. Brainstorming for revenue sources
  5. Controversy from unclear or conflicting goals of contributing wikipediasts
  6. Discussion on business models and organizational charters applicable to large free wikis
  7. Draft mission statements for various types of organizations
  8. Estimating operating expenses of large free wikis
  9. Governing Operational distinction
  10. Main Page
  11. Market research in progress at meta wikipedia
  12. NPOV as description, not prescription
  13. Natural point of view
  14. Product development activities at meta wikipedia
  15. Proposal for an Encyclopedian Recycling Endeavor
  16. Proposed revision of the NPOV policy
  17. Response to 24
  18. The Role of Larry Sanger in Wikipedia
  19. The Wikipedia Community
  20. The future of Wikipedia
  21. Threats
  22. Value system
  23. Visions
  24. Vocabulary
  25. Wikipedia Virtual Mind
  26. Wikipedia cloning project
  27. Wikipedia haiku
  28. Worst cases
  29. Talk:Kill the Stub Pages
  30. Talk:Main Page
  31. Talk:Systemic Bias of Wikipedia
  32. User:Mirwin
  33. User talk:Mirwin
  34. Meta talk:Historical/Simple View of Ethics and Morals



  1. BP synopsis for ActiveUserWikiAdminCommunity
  2. Discussion of how to prototype beneficial user bug buddy community sites to support free software projects
  3. Draft notes on diverse chaotic defect Avoidance and trapping
  4. Talk:Draft notes on diverse chaotic defect Avoidance and trapping
    Random notes by user:maveric149 (lowercase) with some private data; and associated talk.
  5. Draft of reply to Telsa
  6. List Notes
  7. One of the first data points was the attempt to foster collaboration
  8. Reply to gerv
  9. Should prepare formal executive summary for Jimbo or invite him to collaborate
  10. Should we develop a polished executive summary of BP proposals for Jimbo or invite him to collaborate? (~duplicate of the previous one)
  11. Talk:The Problem of Defining Sanity
    Talk of a long essay with author unclear, possible copyvio (almost empty, anyway).

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