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Another oportunity to a on-line ancient greek enciclopaedia edit

hello, mr. Leighvs optimus maximus.

recently has been refuse a request for delete the ancient greek wikipedia incubator page, similarly to classical japanese and ottoman turkish none of them can be delete because there is a current discussion about the possibility to change the policy about ancient languages. it means that is still workable. in the future is possible that language subcommittee reconsider its opposition to the ancient languages wikipedias.

i suggest you the following:

1.- to continue working in the incubator. for a future change of policy that allow newly ancient language wikipedia. the project would be extremely advanced when it happens,ready for the approbation.

2.- that not exclude the number 1: open a request in the incubator plus at wikia. if the strategy number 1 fail, it is the other oportunity. if the two strategy succeed. congratulations!!! ancient greek would have two on-line enciclopaedias, not just one!!!