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Hi K1v1n, just thought I'd let you know that Mkalz has set up a mailing list (link here) for the purpose of studying wikis in general - a lot of us are interested in wikis in education so I thought you might also be interested. This won't take away from the Wikimedia Research Network or the wiki-research-l list, but rather will hopefully sit side by side. It was an initiative from Wikimania and you're more than welcome to add anything you'd like. Bit busy myself at the moment, but will keep an eye out. Met Erik Zachte at Wikimania which was nice - he's also busy but said that we might be thinking of acting on this General User Survey in about two months time - but we'll see about that... Cormaggio 18:20, 14 August 2005 (UTC)

Wow, I didn't realise you were at Wikimania (major disadvantage of not having photos of ourselves on our user pages) - though I did get that impression while scanning recent changes to the General User Survey page. That's all I'm doing these days though - scanning - I'm just full time writing this dissertation and then i'll get back to my prior activities. New ones also - Wikimania was great for just sparking ideas. Good to hear from you - talk to you soon. Cormaggio 15:01, 15 August 2005 (UTC)


Hi Kevin, I replied to your mail three days ago, but got it back now. No deliverable after three days.

The presentation about statistics (my part) is online: [1] I also commented on two doc's I read on the intranet site you sent me, but I won't publish those here. Do you have another mail adress where I can send the full reply? Erik Zachte 16:54, August 15, 2005 (UTC)

Again I got my reply back after three days. Twice this time, so probably for both addresses. Strange. Tried once more just now. Erik Zachte 16:28, August 19, 2005 (UTC)

General User SurveyEdit

Do you know what's the status of this project?--Piotrus 00:45, 13 July 2006 (UTC)

Sorry, I haven't heard anything from Erik about this in ages. --Kevin 19:53, 31 July 2006 (UTC)