HI Aliter. The email address in your preferences returns the error message "Recipient address rejected: Account closed due to inactivity", so I can't reply to your email. Angela 17:22, 4 Apr 2005 (UTC)



Tankewol! No noch wat native speakers sykjen, dat sil noch net samer slagge... Caesarion 09:28, 13 December 2005 (UTC)

Pronunciation of Dutch municipality namesEdit

Moi, Aliter, zag dat je een opmerking hier had achtergelaten. De namen zijn in principe in Standaardnederlands uitgesproken. Beluister er maar een paar, dan hoor je het wel. nl:gebruiker:Quichot heeft wel geprobeerd om met een paar regionale verschillen rekening te houden, maar daar kan ik niet over oordelen. Groet, NielsF 03:17, 2 April 2006 (UTC) (evt. antwoord graag op nl:Overleg gebruiker:NielsF

Temp adminship at Frisian WikipediaEdit

Certainly. I apologize for not having noticed the previous request before. Your status is reinstated for another two months. Regards — Dan | talk 23:05, 8 September 2006 (UTC)


Hi, thanks for Your message. If You look at MediaWiki:Centralnotice-donate/fy, this message is put into the red button in the site notice, so » is just an arrow at the beginning of the text, that indicates that this button is clickable. Best regards, --birdy geimfyglið (:> )=| 23:15, 6 November 2007 (UTC)

Well it does not look like an error for me but like "please click here" or something, but I have no problem if You don't like that arrow I can remove it for You. Please leave a note at Talk:Fundraising 2007 if You like, since it was not me who designed this, and maybe Your opinion is interesting for more people. Best regards, --birdy geimfyglið (:> )=| 23:40, 6 November 2007 (UTC)


[1] "Published" is for after it has been upload to its final destination (normally the WMF wiki), "finished" is when you are complete the translation and nothing else needs to be added/changed. If you change it to published before it is really published, it might not get uploaded to the wiki. :-( Cbrown1023 talk 22:49, 8 November 2007 (UTC)

I see your pointEdit

However, would you prefer walking on a street thinking it's quiet and calm since you dont' see cops even though regularly foes act on those streets? In any case, that was a particularly "bad day", it's not like it everyday. drini [es:] [commons:] 22:10, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

Thank You.Edit

Hello, Aliter. That's always appreciated, and much encouraged. Thank You for that, and for Your message.

As to why? I try to use the language everywhere I can for practice. And I'm slightly chagrined to say I still get constantly confused about where different functions are located/handled. That's why I need those abbreviated braindead reminders to tell me "This wiki is program support, references, and administration. Winter, you idiot, if you are looking at this page, you're not on the test wiki, and you're in the wrong place for uploading stuff." Snakesteuben 04:53, 17 November 2008 (UTC)


De Fryske side is no ôf en ik hoopje dat er no yn bedriuw komt. By de Sealter side is dat wol slagge, mar ik haw fergetten oft ik dêr noch wat oars by dien haw. Wòl haw ik dêrfoar ek ûndertetelings foar de Jimmy Wales video makke, mar dy sjoch ik no net mear! --Pyt 09:03, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

Superprotect statusEdit

Dear Aliter, since you are an administrator on a wiki from which no user participated in this discussion, I'd like to make sure you are aware of some recent events which may alter what the Wikimedia Foundation lets you do on your wiki: Superprotect.

Peteforsyth 09:04, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

Removed. Aliter (talk) 23:00, 19 June 2019 (UTC)


Hallo Aliter waar ben je? Lotje (talk) 12:24, 17 May 2017 (UTC)

Hier. (Ik zal mezelf even een bericht sturen om te zien of die misschien een postverhuizing achter loopt. Aliter (talk) 17:55, 24 April 2018 (UTC))
Nee, lijkt prima te werken. Maar mijn discussiepagina werkt ook prima hoor, vooral omdat je die tegenwoordig zelfs midden op de heide uit de grond hoort fluisteren. Aliter (talk) 22:58, 19 June 2019 (UTC)