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Joburg MeetupEdit

  • Line up with Cape Town meetup for first week of February.
  • Arrange with Douglas to set up with a Watch-list Banner.

Mandela Foundation Meeting: 12 July 2018Edit

  • Wikimania starts on the 18th of July, which is Nelson Mandela Birthday. Announce the planned Centenary Edit-A-thon.
  • Nelson Mandela Foundation Centenary celebration Edit-Athon ( 4; 11 & 18th August 2018) To be confirmed.
  • Check if Cape Town can Join.
  • Check if its possible to have an international edi-a-thon event with multiple cities calling in and doing translations.
  • Check for the Book - Cape Town could host
  • Refreshments will be available.
  • Check about any themes that can be used
  • Wikisource & Commons:

-- Mandela Diary for travels in Africa (Never been published before). -- PDF upload forms and send to Jen for both Commnos & Wikisource ( ).

Global Metrics Using WikimetricsEdit

Follow these steps:

  1. Following the Global Metrics learning pattern, you should have a list of usernames. You will use this and the program start and end time and date to calculate the metrics.
  2. Go to the Global Metrics Report page. It will ask you to sign in using either OAuth or a Google account.
  3. Enter the usernames and date information and click the "Launch Program Global Metrics Report" button.
  4. You will be taken to a new screen that shows a list of reports you have run. Sometimes this screen does not refresh automatically, so you might not see the report you just ran. If it doesn't appear after a minute, try clicking "Refresh" until the report appears.
  5. You can download your program's Global Metrics as .json, which is usually used by developers, or .csv, which can be viewed as a table in any spreadsheet software, such as LibreOffice, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel. Four Global Metrics are included in the table:
  • Number of active editors involved is "rolling_active_editor"
  • Number of bytes added or removed from Wikimedia projects is "bytes_added"
  • Number of newly registered users is "newly_registered"
  • Number of articles created or improved in Wikimedia projects is "pages_edited".

Congratulations! You used the Global Metrics Magic Button. Happy evaluating!

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