This is my user page here. I wont be spending much time here more than what is necessary to achieve my goals in other wiki projects. If you are interested in who I am, please see one or all of the following user pages I keep.

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Item Project Dashboard Link Description Date(s) Activity Status Last updated
0 WMZA WMZA Programs Local chapter dashboard 2015?? Steady 2018?
1 WikiGAP Mozambique 2018 - 2019  - 2020 part of the global WikiGAP campaign 13/04/2018 - 25/03/2019 Increase 29 Apr 2020
2 WikiAfrica WikiAfrica Education project with Moleskine Foundation 27/10/2018 Steady 30 Nov 2018
3 Keleketla Unfuk the record project with Art+Feminism; Keleketla Library and WMZA 17/11/2018 Steady 30 Nov 2018
4 Art on Our Minds AOOM - Workshops project with AOOM; Wits Writting Centre and WMZA 05/03/2019 Increase 15 Mar 2019

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