Project Event details

  • Have to read the policies and guidelines properly: Yes
  • Language community and Project : tawiki, Clean & Improve the Articles
  • Community discussion (Village Pump link):ta wiki VP
  • Project Lead and team members: M. Selvasivagurunathan,Sridhar G
  • Start date of preparation:4 March, 2023
  • Start date of the project: 1 April, 2023
  • End date of the project:30 June, 2023
  • End date of completion of the entire endeavour :July 5, 2023
  • Documentation platforms: Metawiki, tamil Wikipedia project page
  • Are you a WMF employee, contractor or grantee: No
  • Event page: Clean & improve the Articles - Project page


  • Why this event or project? (Please explain the objectives or purpose behind this activity)

Of all Indian languages, Tamil has the second-highest number of articles. Since quality is more essential than quantity, we are cleaning the article every three months in order to edit and improve it. We improved 60 Google articles with 10 users in our first iteration. We are now working to improve articles which was created in 2017 by school teachers. We hope that the quality of Tamil Wikipedia will increase through this project.

  • What are the Proposed activities? (Give the detailed plan of action with timeline)
  • to organize an online event to clean up and improve the articles.
  • How the implementation will be done? (Mention collaborations, Wikimedia community involvement, promotion strategy, resource persons etc.)

With the help of Tamil Wiki's active users, we will improve the articles.

  • What are the expected output and impact? (Explain with the detailed metrics such as total participants, new and old editors, no. of articles created, no. of uploads etc.)


  • 1,092 articles need to be improved in total.
Month no of articles at the begining 20% no of articles at the end
April 2,238 448 1,790
May 1,790 358 1,432
June 1,432 286 1,146
  • What is the budget estimate (Provide a detailed break-up with payment schedule)?
no of participants backpack (each) total
25 1000 25000
  • Memento will be given if they improve 20 articles minimum.
  • It would be very helpful if CIS-A2K would buy these and send them to all participants.

Note: If you need IT Allowance Support for the project please go to Project specific IT Allowance and propose the IT Allowance support on the respective tab only.