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I started the Wiktionary Nias project in mid 2020. And after 6 months in incubator, it was finally approved on 17 Dec 2020 and the process of domain setup and the transfer of contents was completed on 11 Jan 2021. This is now considered the birth day of Wiki Nias (Wiktionary and Wikipedia Nias). I mainly concentrate on Wiktionary, however I sometimes contribute to Nias and Indonesian Wikipedia too.

However I see that additional projects were necessary. For example we included the Nias proverbs and saying in the wiktionary (there are over 100 proverbs and saying there). But I realised the best place for all these is wikiquote. Therefore I subsequently started the Nias Wikiquote project. Soon after followed the Nias Wikibooks project.

But the biggest challenge so far has been, translating documents from other languages like Indonesian into Nias. Ultimately without this possibility the transfer of knowledge into Nias would be impossible. Therefore Nias Wikinews project was initiated to take on the challenge with the hope that through experimentation with the translation, new adequate Nias words and terms would emerge.

Conditioned by its history (the arrival of Christianity and the Indonesian independence) Nias language stagnated for almost a century. In order to ignite the development of Nias language, Nias speaking people need to put an effort to do something about it, before it is too late. With this in mind, with a few friends and Nias language enthusiasts we launched a Digital Nias Language Development Programme 2020-2025 in June 2020, that led to the creation of Nias Wiktionary/Wikipedia projects. More about these projects see the list below.

What I have written recently:

  1. Program Pengembangan Bahasa Nias 2020-2025 (Indonesian)
  2. Wikimedia projects' main challenge and the possible solution (English)
  3. Tantangan mengembangkan bahasa Nias di Wikimedia (Indonesian)
  4. Proposal untuk rapat perdana Wikipedia Nias (Indonesian)
  5. Melestarikan bahasa Nias untuk siapa dan bagaimana (Indonesian)
  6. Strategi mengembangkan bahasa Nias di era digital (Indonesian)
  7. Program Pengembangan Bahasa Nias dalam Tiga Diagram (Indonesian)
  8. Strategi mengembangkan bahasa Nias melalui konten bermutu (Indonesian)