Merging projects Akan–Twi situation
This page outlines the pros and cons of merging the Akan Wikipedia, which is written in Akan and the Twi Wikipedia, which is written in Twi[1]. The proposal may involve merging other projects or merging all projects in these two languages (Akan and Twi[1]). Please see below.

Previous discussionsEdit


Proposal 1Edit

Move all Twi Wikipedia (tw) content to the Akan Wikipedia (ak), and close In this sense, the projects will be merged.

Pros of Proposal 1Edit

  • Twi may be considered a dialect of Akan
  • Merging projects would make knowledge in these similar languages available to speakers of both
  • « [T]here is an "Akan" orthography for writing all the languages called "Akan". »[2]
  • "Twi" is sometimes used as a synonym of "Akan". They are extremely similar.
  • Several native speakers agree with the proposal (confirmation from a native speaker)

Cons of Proposal 1Edit

  • The "standard Akan" is just an academic proposal and is not actually spoken.[2]
  • There are several major dialects. Create one Wikipedia for each. (see proposal 2)

Comments on Proposal 1Edit

Proposal 2Edit

Create Wikipedias for each dialect of Akan, on demand. The site "" could be changed into some kind of static portal between the dialect editions.

Note: Originally proposed by Kwekubo.

Pros of Proposal 2Edit

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Cons of Proposal 2Edit

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Comments on Proposal 2Edit

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Notes and referencesEdit

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