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The Arabic Language initiative is one of the Wikimedia Foundation's global development projects directed towards Global South. In line with the recent WMF strategic planning and similar to sister projects running in India and Brazil, the Arabic language initiative comes to support the Arabic Wikipedia community in order to develop the overall status of Arabic Wikipedia and reduce the gap between the over 400 million speakers and the below 200K articles. Being a language aligned initiative, so projects and activities usually expand in different Arabic speaking geographies across North Africa and the Middle East.

The initiative relies mainly on three aspects: Operating the Wikipedia Education Program in the region, supporting human-based translation initiatives, and general outreach that aims at raising awareness around Wikipedia's free content, creating new community grassroots, as well as other GLAM activities.

The Arabic Languages Initiative is financially supported by QCRI, which signed an MoU with WMF in October, 2011. Check press coverage

Link to initiative page on Arabic Wikipedia.