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  • The initiative started by a convening in Doha, in October 2011, which was attended by 5 Wikipedian editor and admins, as well as WMF and QCRI teams and a number of professionals from educational and Open Source community.
Meeting minutes of first two days and wrap up of the last day
WMF blog about the convening
Aljazeera coverage in Arabic
  • December 2011:

December included more than 3 Cairo meetup, including a photo-walk that was attended by Annie and Frank during their visit to Cairo, other meetings were mainly organized by the community and included a lecture to the geo-physical community of Cairo, tabling in Cairo university at the international Arabic day and editing sessions in shooting club.

  • January 2012:

A WMF staff and a couple of Wikipedia editors visitied Tunisia for 3 days. The visit included a session was hosted by the university of Tunis ElManar, introducing the use of Wikipedia in education, and how Wikipedia and open licenses work. The visit included meetings with Tunisian Wikipedians, administration of the national library of Tunisia, consultant to the president for cultural affairs, as well as attending CC salon. More on the visit is found on WMF blog

  • March 2012

Please check blog summaries for details

Amman, Jordan
18-20 March, 2012
21-24 March, 2012
Cairo, Egypt
25-26 March, 2012
Amman, Jordan
26-27 March, 2012
Beirut, Lebanon
28 March -1 Apr, 2012
  • April 2012:

The visit summary is documented in our blog post

April 26-29, 2012