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The Wikipedia Education Program

The Wikipedia Education Program will start its operation by a pilot project in Cairo and based on the outcomes of the pilot, the program will then expand in different universities and geographies. In addition to examining the adaptability of courses taught in Arabic to using wikis as a platform for assignments and research. The main areas of pilot assessment include how the currents editors and admins of Arabic Wikipedia can sustain a large flow of content and new users, especially that Arabic Wikipedia has a flagged revision system.

Pilot details are all found on the project page on Arabic Wikipedia. The pilot will start in the spring semester of 2012, with 6 courses in Cairo and Ain Shams universities.

Contribution Campaigns
The editors and contribution program aims at attracting and supporting newbies to edit Wikipedia. The program will start on Arabic Wikipedia as a pilot. More info are found on program portal.

Outreach for Arabic Language focuses on expanding the number of Wikipedia contributors by promoting how Wikipedia and free licensing works. Our approach relies on activating nodes of existing and new Wikipedia editors who are able to sustain different activities on the ground in their geographies, such as editing sessions, Arabic Wikipedia days, and other campus based campaigns. Like minded FOSS communities are potential supporters for hosting events and engaging with Wikipedia community. Outreach also includes GLAM activities, especially focusing on the release of digitized historic Arabic content, under CC license.

Impact Reports
For more analysis on the overall trends in the Arabic Wikipedia movement, see the Impact Reports,