I’m Portuguese, 45 years old, living in Porto city (parish of Cedofeita), Portugal. During a few years I lived in the town of Mindelo, São Vicente Island, Cape Verde, country I adopted as my second homeland.

I have a graduation in History and a master’s degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. After a short experience in teaching, I went to work for several corporations. For the last several years, I've been involved in organizing trade fairs.

My interests include history, geography, and traveling. I collect coins and have a special fond for hiking.

I cooperate with the Portuguese language Wikipedia since June 2005, on a more effective way and as a registered member, although my cooperation dates back more than two years, anonymously and on a non-regular basis. Recently I was deeply involved in the process of creating the Tetum version of Wikipedia. Tetum is the co-official language of East Timor. Apart form the Portuguese and Tetum Wikipedia, I'm also sysop of the Mirandese Wikipedia.

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