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Below I'll include links to things that should be on the metadiscussion wiki rather than on the main wiki. In particular, here are a few columns mainly on Wikipedia- and general 'pedia-related subjects:

Columns in 30 minutes or less (June 8)
Why a list of the senses of a word is not an encyclopedia article (June 10)
Why I am suspicious of subpages (June 12)
Accidental linking and hard-wired category schemes (June 14)
Disambiguating parentheses (June 15)
Peer review and the Wikipedia process (June 25)
Estimating article numbers (June 28)
The Perfect Stub Article (July 1)
The case against subpages (July 1)
List-o-links (July 5)
Introducing the Nupedia Chalkboard (July 19)
Britannica or Nupedia? The Future of Free Encyclopedias (Kuro5hin; July 25)
An impending scalability problem (August 13)
Some standards of excellence (August 28)
Wikipedia as a first home for other wiki projects (August 31)
What is an encyclopedia? (September 1)
What Talk pages are not for (September 10)
How to revise the policy pages (September 17)
The epistemology of Wikipedia (September 19)
Wikipedia is wide open. Why is it growing so fast? Why isn't it full of nonsense? (Kuro5hin; September 24)
The art of Wikipedia weeding (September 26)
Cutting each other a bit of slack (October 18)
Open Content Encyclopedias in Education (Open Source Schools; October 20)
Is Wikipedia an experiment in anarchy? (November 1)
Moving commentary out of Wikipedia (November 2)
Common words made into URLs (November 16)
How a giant free encyclopedia might transform learning (Open Source Schools; November 18)
Almanac-type information (November 21)
Deferring to the experts (January 3, 2002)
Wikipedia and why it matters (January 16, 2002) (Talk given at Stanford; see [1] to view the talk, including a Q&A that isn't transcribed here)
Announcement about my involvement in Wikipedia and Nupedia (February 13, 2002)
My resignation (March 1, 2002)

Please be aware that these are comments about Wikipedia, an encyclopedia project, rather than about WikiWikis in general. Indeed, the comments I make here might not hold at all for WikiWikis in general.