How to revise the policy pages

Monday, September 17, 2001, 5:08 PM -- I want to work through a few issues (perhaps relatively trivial issues) that are associated with revising the Wikipedia policy pages. This is something that I think would be valuable to do before the New York Times article appears--having a relatively clear, unified statement of policy seems like a good idea.

One rule I'll have is that I will not try to represent Wikipedians as in agreement about something when they are not.

My main goal in making these changes is to make it clearer and more user-friendly. I will probably be removing a lot of the conversation that you can see in the present pages.

If you have any questions or comments about what I'm doing, or requests, or whatever, please use this page.


What New York Times article? --The Cunctator
Join Wikipedia-L! You can find out by looking at the list archives. --LMS
It comes out on the 20th or thereabouts.  :-) --KQ

Where did all the proposed rules go, Larry? I take it you're not done yet and so I've just created edit conflicts on the other page? --KQ

They'll be added in the appropriate place, don't worry!  :-) --LMS