Liliana Alviárez
Liliana Alviárez
Liliana Alviárez
Core Team, Wikiesfera UG

About me

I'am Liliana Alviárez, a.k.a. Lalviarez. I started editing in the Wikimedia projects in 2019, after attending an edit-a-thon about circus, organized by Wikiesfera UG in Madrid, led by Patricia Horrillo. The experience was so positive, that I immediately joined this UG and since 2020 I am part of it´s core team.

I enjoy researching and searching for historical information to create new articles and improve existing ones, as well as participating in edit-a-thons and translating articles from other wikis.

My work

My commitment to the movement is to increase information quality in order to contribute to the accuracy of the encyclopedia, especially information related to the circus world -one of my topics of interest- plus increasing the number of articles about relevant women in any field to minimize the gender gap and about minority groups to make them more visible.

As part of a community of free knowledge, I collaborate so that new editors join the movement, helping them in their first steps and sharing my knowledge so they continue to participate actively.

In November 2021, I started the Wikiproyecto Circo in the Spanish Wikipedia. A space to identify, categorize, group, create, improve and translate articles about women, men and other topics related to circus history. It also allows finding and uploading photos to Commons and connecting the articles with Wikidata.

Contact me

  • e-mail:
    liliana at

You can contact me in English and Spanish.