CAUTION: if you see this userpage text on a wiki other than meta you should assume that en:Jamesday is not the person who created the account until you have verified that it is me using the email link at en. This is particularly true if the language used on the wiki uses non-western letters. I didn't sign up to the global account system that blocked others from using an account called Jamesday in the local wiki account database.

Jamesday on en Wikipedia. I was an active developer and system administrator back in 2004/5, tending to concentrate mostly on Wikimedia database issues and capacity planning/ purchasing. I'm also a current and sometimes active admin over on en wikipedia and former admin here on meta. Using my talk page will reach me, but please ensure that you use the email option if at all possible because I normally log in only when I want to change something and it may take me a long time to notice your comment.

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