Goran S. Milovanović (User:GoranM) is a researcher in cognitive psychology focused on the study of concepts and categorization, causality, and choice under risk and uncertainty, based in Belgrade, Serbia. Goran is currently writing a PhD thesis on the rationality of human cognition at the University of Belgrade. In 2001. he started another line of research focused entirely on Internet usage, user attitudes and the transition of human societies towards the Information Society; this line of research is based on large samples and research methods of social psychology, extensively relying on statistical modeling. He co-edited a number of books on Internet research and managed the Center for Research on Information Technologies in Belgrade. He has also cooperated with DiploFoundation on a number of Internet Governance related research projects; in 2009, he acted as a Researcher Manager & Data Analyst for the Internet Governance Forum: Identifying the Impact study which provided initial insights about the effects of the UN's Internet Governance Forum.

Most of the publications are in Serbian; if you are interested in papers, book chapters or corresponding abstracts in English please contact me: Research blog:

I currently serve as a member of The Wikimedia Foundation Research Committee (RCom).

My initial contribution to analysis and discussion of the management of Wikipedia related research projects may be found at the following page: Wikipedia Research Management; if you have similar interest and have ideas how to improve management of Wikipedia related research projects, please go there and spread the discussion.

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