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I am from a Quechua Town of Peru, at 4100 masl, my hometown is Nuñoa.

Currently I am working/studying in the field of Knowledge Curation.

I work on researching of semantic web technologies within the academy and the industry. My main interests are knowledge graphs, knowledge curation (assessment, cleaning, and enrichment), as well as representation, visualization and the combination with related technologies such as machine learning and semantic technologies.

Kay huñupi Runasimita (Quechua) t'ikarichiyta munani (Throught this mean I want to preserve and promote the Quechua language).

2019 watapi kayta q'allarirq'ani Wikimania Conference ñisqapi, kunan kay 2020 watapi ashuwanta llallipaykuyta munani (In 2019 I started with an idea, and I presented it in Wikimania Conference, this year I want to continue with that idea and contribute to the Quechua Wikipedia).




I am participating in some current projects:

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LinkedIn: elwinlhq @Elwinlhq