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en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
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If you're intersted in any of these projects please let me know. I'm looking for collaborators

Wiki ProjectsEdit

Projects in bold proposed my me

Information Theory ProjectsEdit

  • Essential Forms Development Model
  • Schemata Creation and Management
  • ModDev

Use of modular shorthad in mapping sequential attributes

Common Good ProjectsEdit

  • Signature Cause
    • Opt-in Interface/Service that allows individuals to attach PSA like blurbs/images to their email signatures based on individual's 'worthy cause' preferences
    • Details Current Projects : Signature Cause
  • StudyAid database
    • Structured interface for recording and studying school information
  • In Case of Emergency
    • Morbid, but peace of mind generating: Service allows individuals to control who gets what information and authority and when after a person is incompacitated or killed
  • Method Advocacy
    • It's a really awesome brand of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. I've signed up to be an advocate for them (it's a volunteer thing, no payolla)
  • Epinions
    • Try to make note of good products to help other consumers out there

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to come...

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